Dental Websites

Infinity Dental Web builds, maintains, and optimizes dental websites, does social media marketing, videos, business listing optimization, and online reputation management. We’re a complete dental Internet marketing company.

But we’re unlike any other dental Internet marketing company you’ll find. Here is a small sampling of some of the differences you’ll find between us and the others:

  • A stronger emphasis on results, with a traffic guarantee that one one else dares offer.
  • Unique insights that we have into your needs as a dentist.
  • Outstanding customer service, including a one- to two-day turnaround on website change requests.
  • A strong commitment to being a marketing company you can trust.

Look through this website carefully and then give us a call or click the link below so that you can find out about these unique things that we have to offer, and how that will make a difference for your practice.

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Why Infinity Dental Web Is Different

It goes to our founding. Dr. David Hall is a dentist who began by marketing his own dental practice on the Internet for many years. Then, in 2009, he founded Infinity Dental Web as a company and now dedicates himself full time to helping other dentists with their Internet marketing.

You may be interested in watching this 90-second video of a story about what we did for one of our clients—how we increased his website traffic ten-fold and greatly increased his new patients:

One of the best ways to find out what we can do for you that no one else can is to learn our history. Click here to read the story of how Infinity Dental Web started, and our unique approach to dental Internet marketing.

Click here to read about five of the ways in which Infinity Dental Web is unique.