Concentric circle border Theodore Hadgis, DDS, AAACD

We highly endorse Infinity Dental Web. We have been with them for over five years now, and they provide us a steady new patient flow. They’re a remarkable improvement from our previous web provider. We’re a boutique practice, and Infinity Dental Web has created a website that is customized to attract the high quality patients that are looking for the types of services we provide. They are on the cutting edge of everything going on with the Internet, they know the dentistry, and they truly care about our results. They also offer exceptional personal service.

Theodore Hadgis, DDS, AAACD

Concentric circle border Maria

We had been clients of Infinity Dental Web for several years and were getting good results from our website. Then, about a year and a half ago, they told us that we would increase both the number and quality of new patients by letting them create for us one of their premium website designs. We did it, and we learned that they were right. We are now getting more new patients who want smile makeovers and complex restorative work, and are up to about 25 new patients a month. Things are going really well.

Maria at Burba Dental

Concentric circle border Steve Murphree, DMD

What we like about Infinity Dental Web is that their marketing strategy bring us patients who want quality care. Our old website couldn’t do that.

Steve Murphree, DMD

Concentric circle border Mike Szarek, DMD, MS

My website now gets me great cosmetic patients who are well informed and ready to spend money. And I get great customer service.

Mike Szarek, DMD, MS

Concentric circle border David Pumphrey, DDS

Knowing that some of the top cosmetic dentists in the country work with Infinity Dental Web and seeing the awe-inspiring excellence of their work, I chose them to create my specialist website. They did a great job. It could not better display honesty, comfort, and quality. They nailed it!

David Pumphrey, DDS

Concentric circle border Margaret Deffenbaugh

We have been using Infinity Dental Web for approximately one and a half years. The difference in our placement on the web is amazing. Our former SEO company made promise after promise. Infinity promised and has delivered. We are number one in several areas and close to number one in others. They are efficient, pleasant and helpful. They have helped us with many aspects of our website and always go above and beyond. I highly recommend them.

Margaret Deffenbaugh at David R. Newkirk, DDS

Concentric circle border Cristi Cheek, DMD

Since switching to Infinity Dental Web, we’ve never seen so many new patients!

“And instead of having new patients who are mainly searching for a family dentist, we have patients coming specifically asking for veneers, dental implants, and TMJ treatment. Thanks to your work, I have more of the cases on my schedule that I love doing!”

Cristi Cheek, DMD

Concentric circle border Jeannie Theriot, RDH

The biggest thing is that we’ve learned we can trust them. When Infinity Dental Web recommends something to us, we know that they have our best interests at heart. We do what they suggest, and it works.

Jeannie Theriot, RDH at Theriot Family Dental

Concentric circle border Brad Hylan, DMD

We get more than 100 calls a month from our website. Infinity Dental Web has been one of the best investments we have ever made.

Brad Hylan, DMD

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