Our New Patients Guarantee

When you ask us for a quote, we'll start off by asking you about your marketing goals

the numbers of new patients you want, the demographics of those patients, and the procedures you want to do. We will then create a proposal explaining what we would do for you to reach those goals, what services would be involved, and how much they would cost.

At the end of that proposal will be a written statement of the number and quality of new patients you can expect to acquire if you do everything we recommend,* along with a written statement of this guarantee. If we don’t reach that goal within the year, we will do extra work for you for no extra charge to help you reach that goal.

We have that much confidence in our marketing ability.

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* The guarantee is conditional on following our recommendations and allowing us to install and monitor our tracking software that will give us data on the patients contacting you who found you through the website. It is also conditional on your not doing any penalty-provoking activities on the internet that we will warn you about.

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