Mobile Dental Websites

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More than 50% of all Google searches come from a mobile device. In a world that is constantly carrying a smartphone, it only makes sense that your business should be represented on all platforms. At Infinity Dental Web, custom and essential websites are developed to look beautiful and functional on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

There is a big difference between a site that is just mobile compatible, and one that is optimized for the mobile user. A mobile-optimized website needs to be readable on a small screen, its navigation needs to be structured correctly, and its content should be tailored to mobile search behavior. Infinity Dental Web is at the leading edge of mobile website technology, and we have conducted our own research on the mobile search behavior of dental patients so that we can maximize the marketing impact of your mobile site.

How does your website appear on mobile, is it just a shrunken version of your site? Research shows that many mobile users will immediately leave a site like this because it isn’t friendly enough to a smartphone.To add to the problem, Google now posts an icon in its search results warning when sites are not mobile friendly, so people may just skip your
site in the search and go to your competitor. Our research shows that with clients who have a mobile-friendly website, as many as one-third of their calls come from people who are on the mobile version of the site. And besides drawing more phone calls, a well-functioning mobile-optimized website also puts you at the leading edge of technology in the eyes of your prospective patients.

Responsive Technology

Responsive technology is the current state-of-the-art for mobile-friendly websites. Responsive technology detects the size of the screen the visitor is using and adjusts the site to conform to that screen size. Elements of the website are shown to fit nicely within the detected screen size for better usability. If your website looks like this on a desktop:
Infinity Dental Web Responsive Websites