Company History

The origins of Infinity Dental Web go back to 1995, when Dr. David Hall first published a website for his private dental practice. Here are the milestones in the company:

1995: Dr. Hall’s first website is launched, with its main purpose being to market his private dental practice.

1996: Dr. Hall begins to learn search engine optimization. At this time, the Internet seems so new to many people. The primary search engines are Yahoo and Altavista, but about ten search engines are popular, and no one of them is dominant. Google hasn’t even started yet. In fact, the term “search engine optimization” hasn’t even been coined yet. Without a lot of trouble, he gets top ten rankings for several key search terms in different search engines and draws traffic from around the world. Getting into the search engine optimization game so early and watching it over such a long period of time, he gets an invaluable perspective on how search engines think and operate.

1999: He changes the URL for his private practice website from www.cosmeticdent.com to www.mynewsmile.com.

2000-2002: As Dr. Hall refines his search engine optimization skills, the website continues to grow in size and in traffic, becoming one of the top ten cosmetic dentistry information websites on the Internet.

December, 2002: Noticing that the UK has an Internet dental bookstore, but there is none in the US, he decides to start one. He first calls it dental-books.com, but later changes the name to America’s Dental Bookstore and obtains the URL www.americasdentalbookstore.com.

May, 2003: After years of answering e-mails from website visitors around the country and referring those patients to colleagues, he decides to turn mynewsmile.com into a paid cosmetic dentistry referral service.

2004: Early in 2004, mynewsmile.com passes aacd.com, the website of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, in its volume of traffic.

July, 2006: Dr. Karen Blair, after getting a listing on mynewsmile.com, talks Dr. Hall into doing a website for her dental practice, which she had just opened up in Naperville, Illinois. He is reluctant at first, but then decides he likes the idea.

August, 2006: Having successfully published Dr. Blair’s website, Dr. Hall sends out a broadcast e-mail to mynewsmile.com clients, offering his services to them to create websites for them. Of the several requests he received for websites, he accepts two new dentists as clients.

April 2007: He decides to call the website company “Infinity Dental Web.” He registers the trade name and launches this website: www.infinitydentalweb.com. However, the company remains a sideline of his and a one-man operation.

October 2007: By surpassing aboutcosmeticdentistry.com, www.mynewsmile.com becomes the most heavily trafficked cosmetic dentistry website in the world.

For the balance of 2007 and through most of 2008, Dr. Hall continues as mostly a one-man operation, proving his search engine optimization skills by getting his first handful of clients to the tops of their respective markets. Toward the end of 2008, however, he begins seriously considering the idea of doing websites full time.

September 2008: Dr. Hall relocates to the Phoenix, Arizona area, with the idea of expanding and using Phoenix as a base of operations.

January 2009: The establishment of the company becomes official as incorporation papers are filed for Infinity Dental Web, Inc., and the last of Dr. Hall’s other business interests are sold off. He has hired one full-time employee.

August 2009: Infinity Dental Web moves out of Dr. Hall’s home and into a commercial location in Tempe. At this point he has two full-time employees and one part-time, plus seven others who work for the company as independent contractors, scattered across North America.

February 2010: Google has been using its maps search to index businesses since last September, and in February it formally launches its “Places” pages. We respond by providing business listing optimization services for our clients, the first dental website company to do so.

March 2012: We move into a larger location in Tempe, Arizona. At this point we have seven employees in the office and nine independent contractors.

August 2012: Prompted by changes in Google, we decide that successful Internet marketing can no longer be a matter of simple search engine optimization, with the traditional on-page optimization combined with link-building. We expand our business listing operation to become a department. We also launch a social media department.

November 2012: We move the company to a beautiful location in the Alma School Corporate Center in Mesa, Arizona.

May 2013: Infinity Dental Web receives the “Best Of Mesa” award for 2013 for outstanding website design and development. We had received the same award for 2012.

May 2014: Infinity Dental Web receives the Business Hall of Fame award for receiving the “Best Of Mesa” award for 3 consecutive years.

August 2014: Infinity Dental Web is recognized by Search Engine News as being the leader in local search optimization for the dental industry.

May 2014: Infinity Dental Web receives the “Best of Mesa” award for Internet Marketing for the 4th year in a row.

Today: Infinity Dental Web continues to establish itself as the leader in dental Internet marketing, dedicated to bringing clients the maximum value for their marketing dollar.

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