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The core of any marketing program for your dental practice should be your website. And don’t underestimate the importance of the appearance of the website. It’s the first impression many patients will get of your practice. In today’s highly competitive internet environment where patients have so many choices, it can make or break your marketing efforts.

Two Components To The Cost: Design And ContentDESIGN: FIRST IMPRESSION

The design embodies the visual impression of the website and will determine the types of patients it attracts. Not only does it profoundly impact conversions, but it will affect your Google ranking.


Essential designs are for the more cost-conscious practice. We take from a selection of templates, customize it with colors and unique photos, and create an online brand for you. But while the design is based on a template, all of the content is custom written for your practice. Google penalizes stock content, so we write every website from scratch.

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Custom designs are tailored specifically to your practice goals, target demographic, the procedures you want to attract, and your competitive market. Many marketers underestimate the importance of quality design, but we have seen the right design transform the practices of many of our clients.

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* Responsive INCLUDED in Each Package

Every design is created for optimal presentation on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone platforms, and we make great efforts to make sure each version of the design is consistent with the branding you need for your practice. All websites are also created to be secure, complying with the latest guidelines from Google.


The content reflects the SEO strength of your website. The best way to understand the SEO strength of the website is by the number of visits it generates. The more powerful the website, the higher it will rank and the more visits it will attract.

500 visits per
month guaranteed*


Estimated New Patients

1000 visits per
month guaranteed*

High Profile

Estimated New Patients

1500 visits per
month guaranteed*

High Profile Plus

Estimated New Patients

2000 visits per
month guaranteed*


Estimated New Patients

DENTAL WEBSITE DESIGNTake a look at our deisgns

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Infinity Dental Web Websites What You Will Get From Us

Having been a practicing dentist who marketed his own practice on the internet, Dr. David Hall, our founder and president, understands the dentistry and how to market it.

Analyze your Target Market

At Infinity Dental Web, we specialize in understanding the differences between dental practices. No two practices are the same. We will analyze your practice, determine what differentiates you from the competition, and then present that to the public in an appealing way. We do that with the design that brands your practice, the tone of the content, and the overall marketing strategy, and we will attract the patients you want to see. Check the our case studies and testimonials to see how successful we’ve been.

Custom Content Tailored to Your Practice

All of our websites include professionally written, customized content developed for your specific practice, based on an extensive interview with you. Search engines are looking for unique content, and the only way to attract them is to write every website from scratch. We create content that expresses your philosophy, treatment style, and the services you offer. After your website is launched, we will continue to blog for you.

New Patients Guarantee™

We’re so confident of our marketing skills that we guarantee results. Besides our traffic guarantee, we guarantee that you will get the number and quality of new patients that we told you to expect. We hit that goal about 90% of the time. When we don’t, we will do extra work beyond what you paid for to help you reach that goal.

We Monitor Your Results

We will worry about your results for you. We monitor your website traffic, rankings, and the numbers of phone calls and appointment requests generated by your website. We are also continually engaged in market research around the effectiveness of your website and those of our other clients.

Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Whatever you want to do on the internet, we can help. We have a strong social media marketing department, are certified in Google and other online paid advertising programs, do reputation management, etc. If you like, we will even help you integrate print or broadcast media marketing into your plans.

Website Designs that Work

Our clients are frequently surprised at the impact of a new website design that accurately establishes the branding of their practice. Often dentists notice that even referralsincrease. When you create a favorable online impression, it means more quality patients in your practice.

Here are some links to redesigns that we have done.

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