Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Dental Search Engine Optimization

Every marketing plan we execute for each client starts with search engine optimization (SEO). If people can’t find your website, little else matters. So, let’s give you a little insight into what we do to help people find your website.

As Google and other search engines have evolved, there have come to be two main types of SEO, based on the two major ways people find businesses online—general SEO and local SEO.

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General search is directed at traditional searches, where someone will go to Google and type, say Naperville porcelain veneers into Google. Searches like this will deliver results based on the strength and quality of the website and how well the page matches the search term.

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Local search is directed at searches in maps or other online directories. If someone goes to Google maps to search for a dentist, for example, Google will deliver results based on a different algorithm that has a heavy emphasis on location and takes into account other factors related to both the business and the website. Searches on smartphones will generally default to local search.

At Infinity Dental Web, we have two separate SEO programs, one to address each of these algorithms. Every website we create includes services to optimize your website for general search, because that’s the starting point of SEO. And the websites are priced based on the SEO strength of the site and the intensity of our ongoing SEO activities on your behalf after launch.

Your new patient goals may also require our Local Search services, depending on how aggressive those goals are. This will bring in website traffic from searches in Google maps, other online directories, and smartphones. Click here for more information on these Local Search services.

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