Website Features

Dental Website Features

Search Engine Optimization

The fees for all of these websites include our general search engine optimization (SEO) services. In some markets, general SEO may be all you need. In other markets, you may need the added impact of Local SEO. For more information about this, please see our pages about General SEO and Local or Maps SEO. To help you understand what you may need, please call or visit our Request Information page.

Performance Website

Website cost: $2495 to $7995, depending on the design.
(Payment plans are available that spread the costs out over a year.)
(Discounts are available if you currently have a website.)
$249/month for SEO and maintenance
Plus $5-15/month call tracking (optional)
500 visits per month, guaranteed*
An estimated 2-4† new patients/month
Traffic with this package can be as much as the traffic attained by a top-of-the-line website from some of our competitors. When we take over one of these websites from these competitors, we typically find that they have traffic in the range of 100 to 400 visits per month.

High Profile Website

Website cost: $4995 to $10,495 depending on the design
(Payment plans are available that spread the costs out over a year.)
(Discounts are available if you currently have a website.)
$435/month for SEO and maintenance
Plus $5-25/month call tracking (optional)
1000 visits per month, guaranteed*
An estimated 4-8† new patients/month
A high-profile website will have high visibility a market area such as a city of under 100,000 people, or a suburban area. And realize that, while this is our lower level, that 1000 visits a month is large compared to what other dental websites are getting. We have one high-profile website that is the most heavily trafficked dental website in the client’s state.

High Profile Plus Website

Website cost: $6795 to $12,795 depending on the design
(Payment plans are available that spread the costs out over a year)
(Discounts are available if you currently have a website.)
$580/month for SEO and maintenance
Plus $5-30/month call tracking (optional)
1500 visits per month, guaranteed*
An estimated 6-12† new patients/month
A high-profile plus website can do very well in a moderate market area, such as a city of around 100,000, or a suburban area.

Impact Website

Website cost: $8495 to $14,495, depending on the design
(Payment plans are available that spread the costs out over a year)
(Discounts are available if you currently have a website.)
$725/month for SEO and maintenance
Plus $10-30/month call tracking (optional)
2000 visits per month, guaranteed*
An estimated 8-16† new patients/month
Keep in mind that this is a very powerful website, and it requires a larger metropolitan area of 200,000 population or more. It has the capacity to attract patients from a distance, and it will be most effective if the dentist has the skills and reputation to make a patient feel it is worth her while to travel from the other side of the city.

All Websites Include:

• A comprehensive custom marketing plan designed to attract to your office the kinds of people you want to see and the types of procedures you want to do.
• A great graphic design to impress your visitors with the patient-friendly features our research shows people are wanting.
• A description of the services you provide.
• A Doctor bio for each doctor in the practice, as well as an “about the staff” page if that information is made available to us.
• A smile gallery displaying your work, if you have work to display.
• Plenty of searchable content, expertly optimized for search engines to be able to direct visitors to your site.
• Request-an-appointment page (lets your visitor fill in their telephone number and preferred appointment times, so that you can call them).
• Practice hours.
• Map to your office and directions.
• Financial arrangements options explained, if you choose to do so.
• Unlimited e-mail accounts.
• Free set-up of a unique toll-free telephone number so that you can accurately track all calls originating from visitors to your website, and recording of those phone calls so that you can monitor how your prospective patients are being handled on the phone. (Ongoing costs of the toll-free number will be in the neighborhood of five to nine cents per minute.)
• Many other features.
• All hosting and e-mail charges are included in the maintenance fees. The only extra is the optional call tracking which will vary according to the number of calls you get.

High-Profile, High Profile Plus, and Impact Websites Include:

• Inclusion in “Google Local” “Yelp” and “Bing Local” business listings.
• A Google+ profile page with a custom graphic design.
• Blogging. Blogging is such an important part of good Internet marketing, that we completely take care of the blog for you without your having to do anything. We tie the blog into your overall website promotion, which builds up your site traffic and your site reputation with search engines. Infinity Dental Web has a unique “targeted blogging” system that we developed and we don’t believe anyone else uses. We do from two to four unique, custom-written posts per month, depending on your website level.

Costs of SEO Services

If you have a well-designed website but don’t have many visitors, you can hire us to do search engine optimization. See our SEO services page for more details.

dental website features

Complete Internet marketing services can be added – Infinity Dental Web is leading the way in all the new facets of Internet marketing. We don’t know any other company that is providing all of these services for dentists at the level we are providing them. Here are some of the additional things we can do for you:

• Social media. At Infinity Dental Web, we have an industry-leading social media department. An added advantage of having us do your social media marketing is that we coordinate it with your master marketing plan that we develop with you, and we do it in such a way that it enhances your search engine rankings. For more information, visit our Social Media for Dentists page.

• Maps SEO. Places search (map search) is becoming more and more important as people are getting used to looking up local businesses on the Internet either on their PC or their mobile device. We know how to strengthen your rankings on the map. For more information, visit our Maps SEO page.

• Extra blogging. The visibility and search engine strength of your site can be enhanced with extra blogging. If you really want a strong site, blogging twice a week is a great way to get there.

• Video. Video is a powerful way to engage your visitors, plus it will enhance the rankings of your website. There are a number of ways to add video to your website – we can create an animated whiteboard video, you can do a Google hangout, or you can create an office tour, an interview with the dentist, or patient testimonials. They can all be incorporated into your own YouTube channel, and all are effective.

• There are other technological enhancements we can add to your website. Some people like background music to play for their website. We do not recommend that, as studies show that many of your visitors will be annoyed by it, but we can install that if you want. A walk-on spokesperson may be something that interests you. Embedded video is another possibility. We know how to install all of the latest gimmicks, so if you’re interested, just ask.


The maintenance level for each of these websites is structured so as to keep your traffic growing, beginning with the guaranteed level of traffic and increasing from there.

In order to maintain search engine ranking, it requires keeping your site content fresh. Google downgrades static sites, so this part of our services is very important. We also keep you updated with new technologies. We cultivate links according to Google’s guidelines to help build your traffic for certain search terms.

Maintenance also includes any minor updates that you may have, such as new staff members, new services, etc. It also includes other special requests. For example, one client ran an “Invisalign Open House” event. For a couple of weeks we posted a copy of their print ad on the site along with other details about the promotion. Others have done Halloween candy buy-back projects, or other events requiring announcement on the website. It doesn’t take us long to post these things, and we’re happy to provide that service. For substantive and structural changes, we will always give you an estimate before any work is done.

Get More Information

Click here to request information and we will get back to you to answer any questions you may have, including giving you an estimate of how much it will cost to achieve your goals for your website.

*Here is our guarantee: If, after one year of your site being up, you do not have the guaranteed amount of traffic, as measured by the popular Webalizer website statistics program, your ongoing maintenance and SEO will be free until that traffic level is attained. Please note that there are various popular metrics used to measure website performance: visits, unique visitors, pageviews, and hits. Visits as measured by Webalizer will be greater than unique visitors but will be less than pageviews or hits. As we are building traffic, we use Webalizer data, because it includes visits by search engines. As a site matures, we use AW Stats, because it measures only human visitors.

†A note on the number of patients. The performance of a website in the search engines is strongly correlated to the trustworthiness given the site by the search engines, which takes time to develop. It takes about two years for organic search engine optimization to mature, and it continues to build even more after that. Expect patient numbers near the lower end of the scale the first year, and continuing to increase after that. In time, some clients actually greatly exceed the top numbers. If you want to speed up that process, we can set you up with a pay-per-click advertising campaign to couple with your website.

Please also understand that the number of patients will vary with your demographic target. If you are targeting a more affluent clientele and more expensive procedures, your website will have a lower conversion rate than if you are focused on middle-class bread-and-butter dentistry. We understand how all these factors interact, so if you have questions, please call.

For more information, please see Dr. Hall’s article on Return on Investment for dental websites.

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