Dental Videos

Dental Videos

Video content on your website helps hold the interest of your prospective patients and will increase conversions. In addition, it is a strong SEO tool. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and video will not only rank on YouTube, but it will often strengthen your Google rankings.

At Infinity Dental Web, we offer several types of videos. Here is a sampling.

Creative Videos

What are they?

Creative videos are put together from a number of sources—a video shoot, animated elements, music, or other sources. You can have a videographer come into your office and shoot the raw footage, and then we edit that and create a final product for you. Artistically done, they can entice prospective patients to stay on your site longer, thus reducing bounce rates and improving Google rankings.

Why use them?

First, videos are interesting and they have impact. People remember the content of videos much more than things they read, and they are more strongly influenced by video.

Second, video strengthens your rankings in search engines. Google has been trying to measure the quality of the user experience as a way to rank websites. A well-done video helps provide that quality user experience they are looking for. It will hold visitors longer and provide that positive feedback to Google that says, “This is a quality site.”

Finally, our objective here at Infinity Dental Web is to create a website for you that inspires prospective patients with a sense of comfort and trust in the dentist. Videos are an effective way to promote those feelings in your visitors.


This video introduces the dental practice of Dr. Brad Hylan of Cleveland, Ohio. It has been used on his home page to create an initial impression of a quality, caring dental practice, and has been an effective tool in converting visitors into patients, as his website generates around 100 new patient calls per month.

Google Hangouts

While your Hangout will most likely be a simple interview of your dentist by our president, Dr. David Hall, we display this video featuring four dentists from four locations spanning North America from Quebec to California to illustrate how easy it is to draw in people from various locations.

What are they?

Hangouts are a feature offered by Google that can be a quick and easy way to boost your online visibility. The reason many dentists don’t use video as part of their online marketing is the time and trouble it takes to produce and publish the video. Google Hangouts streamline that process with a very informal format.
If you are interested in marketing your practice through video and are looking for a quick, inexpensive way to do that, we recommend a Google Hangout because it can be done quickly, remotely, and with very little effort on your part. We’ll draw up the outline, write the questions, and coach you through it. You just answer the questions we ask.

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A Google hangout can be used for many topics that get your clients engaged. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Your dental philosophy
  • Making dental implants easier and less expensive with mini implants
  • Why you use Boost instead of Zoom! whitening
  • Introducing each dentist in a group practice
  • Your interest in helping patients with dental fear
  • Your Galileos 3 machine
  • Your policy of seeing dental emergencies immediately


Animated Whiteboard Videos

What are they?

Animated whiteboard videos are used to tell a story or provide a memorable message using a narrator and a series of sketches drawn by an artist in real time.

This video promoting Dr. Brad Hylan’s sedation dentistry not only ranks #1 in YouTube for Cleveland sedation dentist, but is a factor in his website appearing twice on the first page of Google for that search term.

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With animated whiteboard video, you can make your explanations of procedures or policies easy to understand and memorable. Here’s a list to get you thinking:

  • The advantages of a dental-implant-retained denture
  • Your artistic touch with porcelain veneers
  • Your interest in helping patients with dental fear
  • Various options for TMJ treatment
  • The importance of a dentist having extra training in order to effectively solve TMJ issues
  • Your policy of seeing dental emergencies immediately
  • The pros and cons of a dental implant versus a bridge
  • The advantages or disadvantages of mini implants
  • Various teeth whitening options
  • A CPAP versus a mandibular advancement appliance for treating sleep apnea
  • Botox and dermal filler services
  • Credit options that you make available for your patients
  • The convenience of sedation dentistry for extensive dental work
  • And many other topics


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