Dental Search Engine Optimization

Dental Search Engine Optimization

Dental Search Engine Optimization

Unfortunately, it seems to take some dentists a while before they understand the value of search engine optimization. They invest a lot of money in a beautiful website without realizing the power of getting more people to view that website.

Some dentists don’t yet have the vision of what increasing the visibility of their website will mean to their practice. They create a beautiful website and then plan to spend other marketing money to drive traffic to that website. They may mention the website to their patients, in their yellow pages ad, or in other advertising. They don’t realize that for a fraction of those marketing expenses, they can be found by people surfing the Web.

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Infinity Dental Web’s Search Engine Optimization Strategy

First, for key search terms, we strive to position your website so that you are what is called “above the fold.” In other words, on the search results page, we want you to appear without having to scroll down the page. While being number one is nice and is always our goal, the truth is that people who are searching for a dentist will rarely just check out one website. So if you are prominently visible and your website is appealing to visitors, you’re in a good position to get that phone call.

Second, we never focus entirely on one search term. Because of our lengthy experience in dental search engine optimization (Dr. David Hall, our founder, has been doing dental SEO since 1996), we know what we call the “high conversion search terms.” We have a proprietary technique that we have developed over the years for identifying and updating this list of search terms that not only get people to visit your website but get them to call. We identify a series of these terms for your practice, a list that will depend on the demographics you want to attract to your practice and the procedures you want to perform.

Combined, these two strategies are very effective in getting your phone to ring.

Black Hat SEO

We have heard through the grapevine that one of our competitors, jealous of our search engine optimization success, has accused us of Black Hat SEO. Black Hat tactics are unethical search engine tactics that use deception and tricks that are banned by search engines. They work temporarily, but when the tactics are found out by the search engines the sites may be banned or severely penalized. We can understand that it is frustrating for some of our competition to try to explain our success, and we can maybe take it as a backhanded compliment that they are unable to explain it any other way. But the truth is that we refuse to use any Black Hat techniques. Our business goal is to have long-term results for our clients, and Black Hat SEO would be destructive of that goal. Part of the definition of Black Hat is that the techniques result in only temporary success. We have clients who have been with us for years, since the beginning of our company, and have dominated their markets over almost that entire time period. Four of our first five clients are still with us. Three of them are still number one for their primary search term, and the fourth, who is in an extremely competitive major metropolitan area, is number two. We could not do that with Black Hat SEO, and that is why we refuse to participate in those schemes.

Put us to work for you. What good is a beautiful website that doesn’t get visited?

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