Five Things that Make Us Unique

Dental Internet Marketing

Five of the Ways We Are Unique

1. No one else in the dental website business has mastered the entire spectrum of Internet marketing the way Infinity Dental Web has. It’s not easy to do. Things are changing so quickly that every month it seems like there is a major change. If it’s not an algorithm change at Google, it’s something new on Facebook, or new mobile technology, or something new in maps or reviews. And sometimes it requires digging to get the latest information. Search engines may not want webmasters to know the latest tricks for ranking. So we can understand when some of our competitors who are otherwised very sophisticated are a year or two behind in some areas. It’s also difficult to find people who are on top of all the latest trends in social media who are also dentally oriented. But at Infinity Dental Web we have assembled a team of very bright people who know these things and thrive on the challenge of this constantly changing landscape. They know how to dig for this information. If you want the most powerful Internet marketing for your practice, you’ll find that we are on top of everything that is going on.

2. Some of our competitors are good at search engine optimization. They know how to select keywords and get traffic to your website. We don’t take a back seat to anyone when it comes to search engine optimization. Our founder, Dr. David Hall, has been doing SEO since 1996, before the term was invented and two years before Google was launched. When we take over websites from our competitors, typically we triple their traffic. But it’s not enough to get visitors—you need visitors who want to make appointments. With Dr. Hall’s background in marketing his own dental practice, we are masters of that skill.

3. Many of our competitors do only stock content. That’s an easy way for a marketing company to keep its costs down. Some of them do custom content. Very few of them do exclusively custom content, but that is the only type of content we will post. But even compared to those very few competitors, we have a unique position with our founder himself being an accredited cosmetic dentist who understands dentistry from the inside, who can direct the writing of your custom content with minimal involvement from you, and who knows how to target your content to prospective patients.

4. Another thing that sets us apart is the depth of our commitment to the success of your practice. We watch your rankings, monitor your traffic, and even monitor your phone calls to make sure you are getting the numbers and types of patients you want. No one else goes as deeply into your statistics and performance as we do. No one else actually guarantees the amount of traffic they will generate for your website, but we do that for every client.

5. Finally, we understand all the nuances of marketing dentistry and how to customize that for your unique style of practice. When you start with us, we’ll have a comprehensive interview with you in which we’ll delve into everything about the types of patients you want to see and the types of procedures you want to do, as well as your treatment philosophy. If you want a high caliber of patient who is ready to spend thousands of dollars on a smile makeover, we know how to get that type of patient to call. If you want to do a lot of bread and butter dentistry and are looking for people who are scared of the dentist, we know how to go after that market. If you’re a Pankey disciple and want patients for TMD and reconstructive dentistry, we can do that. If you’re an LVI disciple, or are into sleep apnea, CEREC, implants for edentulous patients, affordable dentistry, complex restorative dentistry – whatever it is – we can tune the tone of the website, the search terms, and the marketing style to develop your practice the way you want it developed.

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