Internet Marketing with Dental Websites

We approach the Internet marketing of dentistry with a completely different mindset from that of any other dental websites company. Others think of websites as projects. They often price their websites by design appeal and by the size of the site. They think of it in terms of tasks that they do in the process of creating it.

When Infinity Dental Web approaches a project, we view that project in terms of the results we will obtain. How much traffic will the website attract? And then, how many of those visitors will call your office?

Our founder and president is a dentist who marketed his own dental practice on the Internet for years. He learned how to get people to visit his website, and he quizzed every patient who came because of the website about how they found him and what motivated them to call. We continue to track that information about each of our clients, and that perspective makes us a leader in dental Internet marketing.

Read about our traffic guarantee. No one else in the industry offers a guarantee like that. But we even go further with an unprecedented level of follow-up. We actually work with you and your staff tuning your website and sometimes even your staff’s telephone skills to get your website to deliver the number and quality of patients that you want.

In order to reach a certain traffic level, we rely on organic search engine optimization. We are developing a reputation as the strongest dental website company with SEO.

It is fairly easy for you to verify our success in SEO. Go to Google and run a search on “Chicago cosmetic dentist.” You’ll find our client, Dr. Bill Cohen, in the top three for that search term, with his dental website www.chicagocosmeticdental.com. Run “Naperville implant dentist” and you’ll find our client Dr. Anthony LaVacca in the top three. Run “Cleveland dentist” and our client Dr. Brad Hylan is in the top three. Run “Louisiana cosmetic dentist” and our client Dr. Mike Malone will be in the top three. Similarly try “NJ cosmetic dentist,” “Mesa dentist,” “Port St. Lucie sedation dentist,” “Baton Rouge porcelain veneers,” “Phoenix implant dentist,” “Seattle cosmetic dentist,” “Naperville dentist,” “Lafayette dentist,” “New Orleans cosmetic dentist,” etc., and you will find our clients at or near the top for those terms.

How do we do this, in such competitive markets where there are scores, maybe hundreds of dental websites vying for the top spots?
Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content expert is Dr. David Hall, an accredited cosmetic dentist who has been doing dental SEO since the mid-nineties, since before the term Search Engine Optimization was coined. There may be no one else with more combined knowledge of cosmetic dentistry, SEO, and Internet marketing. Put him to work for you.

What we can deliver:

• Since we know dentistry, we can handle the content with minimum time required by you.
• We can handle any technology requests you have. We’re at the cutting edge with design features such as content-management websites, mobile websites, new animation technologies, interactive features, whiteboard animation videos, etc.
• We can do all of your Internet marketing for you. Not only are we leaders in search engine optimization, but we have the best social media team of any dental website company, and lead in mobile website technology and understanding mobile search behavior. We’re also experts at online reputation management.
• You will start with an interview with Dr. Hall, who will find out from you all the types of procedures you want to do and the kinds of patients you want to see.
• Based on that interview, we will construct a strategy to bring the types of patients you want into your practice. With our 15 years of experience in attracting patients using the Internet, we know exactly how to create the tone needed and how to target the search strategy that will draw the particular type of patient you want.
• With our dental knowledge, we can also keep the website updated with little or no time required by you. Constant updating of the site is important in maintaining visitor interest and high rankings.
• Our customer service and follow-up is unsurpassed by anyone else in the industry. We monitor the results so that we know if you are getting the numbers and types of patients that you want, and will continue to tune your website until it delivers the results you want. Our goal in follow-up is to keep your traffic increasing year after year.
• You’ll find your money spent with Infinity Dental Web to be your most cost-effective marketing investment. We can get you more results for less cost than anywhere else you can spend your marketing dollar. For more information, read our page about return on investment for your online marketing dollar.
Dental Website Design

We have a variety of graphic website designers on our staff, so that we can deliver the look and feel you want. For more information and to see samples of their work, please see our portfolio page, where we display a small sample of our dental websites. To see more of them, please call.

Search Engine Optimization

We don’t believe there is anyone better in the industry at dental search engine optimization. Click the link to read more. We specialize in optimizing dental websites, and we know how to create an SEO strategy that will put patients in your chairs.


We are setting new standards in customer service with our follow-through. We continue to stay in close contact with your office to make sure that your dental website is performing well for you, and that you are getting the numbers and the types of patients you want. Our goal is a long-term business relationship that you will never want to leave, and we have been pretty successful with that.

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