Dental Website Cost

Dental Website Cost

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How Much Your Website Will Cost

Be careful when shopping for websites. Any that are exceptionally cheap generally are made from templates, and the company will customize stock content for you. Websites like that are banned from the Google index, and we get calls from dentists wondering why they get no traffic and what to do about it.

We will not build a website that gets no traffic. Thus, all of our website packages include professionally written, customized content. We have no “stock content” or “website templates.” Search engines are looking for unique content, and the only way to attract them is to write every website from scratch.

And Infinity Dental Web offers you something no other dental website company does—guaranteed results. Our pricing is based on the amount of traffic you want us to guarantee for you.


After we publish your website, you can, if you choose, upgrade from one level to another by paying the difference between the cost of the new package minus what you already paid. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply and certain charges and policies could change with time, so contact us with your project request if you are considering an upgrade.

All websites include:

• A comprehensive custom marketing plan designed to attract to your office the kinds of people you want to see and the types of procedures you want to do.
• A great graphic design to impress your visitors.
• A description of the services you provide.
• A Doctor bio for each doctor in the practice, as well as an “about the staff” page if that information is made available to us.
• A smile gallery displaying your work, if you have work to display.
• Plenty of searchable content, expertly optimized for search engines to be able to direct visitors to your site.
• Inclusion in “Google Local” “Yahoo Local” and “Bing Local” business listings as well as optimization for high placement.
• Request-an-appointment page (lets your visitor fill in their telephone number and preferred appointment times, so that you can call them).
• Practice hours.
• Map to your office and directions.
• Financial arrangements options explained, if you choose to do so.
• Many other features.
• All hosting costs are included in the maintenance fees.

Cost of Maintenance

There are various maintenance levels plus additional services that can vary from $189 per month up to over $1000 per month and more. All maintenance packages include high-powered search engine optimization, and each maintenance level is structured so as to keep you at or above the guaranteed level of traffic.

In order to maintain search engine ranking, it requires keeping your site content fresh. Google downgrades static sites, so this part of our services is very important. Achieving a high ranking also requires building links with other websites, and we have a strong link-building program headed by Jenni Moreno, our link-building specialist.

Maintenance also includes any minor updates that you may have, such as new staff members, new services, etc. It also includes other special requests. For example, one client ran an “Invisalign Open House” event. For a couple of weeks we posted a copy of their print ad on the site along with other details about the promotion. Others have done Halloween candy buy-back projects, or other events requiring announcement on the website. It doesn’t take us long to post these things, and we’re happy to provide that service. For substantive and structural changes, we will always give you an estimate before any work is done.

Request an Estimate

Click here to request a quote and we will get back to you with an estimate of how much it will cost to achieve your goals for your website.

*Here is our guarantee: If, after one year of your site being up, you do not have the guaranteed amount of traffic, as measured by the popular Webalizer website statistics program, your ongoing maintenance and SEO will be free until that traffic level is attained.

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