January 2021

Announcing the Infinity Dental Web Virtual Consult App

Photo of laptop with site that has the virtual consult app installed

We have a new tool for you—the Infinity Dental Web virtual smile consultation app. We developed this app by request from a client who didn’t want to pay a monthly fee of $300 for a similar app from a competitor. We found a way to trim the cost to just the up-front installation. To read an explanation of why competitors are charging so much and we don’t need to, visit our blog post: Infinity Dental Web virtual consult app.

If your patients would like to see a rendering of what you could do to help improve their smile, from the convenience of their own home, this is the solution. In the age of COVID-19, anything you can have your patients do from the comfort of their own home is a bonus!

The app will ask the patient to give a little bit of information about themselves and any desires they have regarding their smile, including any questions. For the best results, the patient will upload one full face and one close-up smile photo to the widget along with providing details on what they want to change, any relevant history, and their overall treatment goals.

You can respond with a personalized video that addresses any questions or concerns and provides some treatment recommendations. You can then invite them to schedule an in-person visit. Competing apps will charge you a monthly fee from $249 to $399. Ours has an installation cost of $550 and requires no monthly maintenance fee for existing clients.

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Call-tracking System Upgrade

Recently, we upgraded the call-tracking system we have been recommending for our clients. CallRail is an industry-standard call tracking program that costs $45 a month. It has a number of advantages that our old system, Kall8, lacks.

First, it is a more robust platform. Kall8 relies on visitor compliance, which has been declining in recent years. CallRail also gives you specific information on how patients are finding you, which Kall8 cannot do.

Additionally, it can be used interactively allowing calls to be marked as they come in on whether or not the patient ended up booking the appointment. We’ll provide you with a login to your CallRail dashboard so you can view all the information.

Read the full story of CallRail’s advantages over Kall8 in our blog post, CallRail vs. Kall8. If you’d like to switch over to CallRail, let us know and we’ll take care of the details!

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Client Spotlight—Dr. David Finley

Dr. David Finley runs a two-dentist practice in Monroe, Louisiana with his associate, Dr. P.J. Henderson. He is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, and a past winner of the International Smile Gallery competition of the AACD five years in a row.  But even with all that, he still enjoys all phases of dentistry including seeing children, doing molar endo, wisdom teeth, and implant placement and restoration.

When he came to us in 2019, he was frustrated with his previous website company. He had been with them for four years, was paying $4000 per month, and his new patient numbers were going down. One specific frustration was that they didn’t seem to understand the difference between an ordinary patient, or even a Medicaid patient, and the type of quality patient he was seeking to attract.

He told us that with his reputation, he easily attracts smile makeover patients, so he wanted his website to target more general dentistry patients to keep his associate busy. So that’s how we branded him, and the website is meeting that goal. He told us he was getting about 40 new patients per month with his previous website. After we launched his new website in late 2019, we increased that to 54 new patients per month. That increased in the first half of 2020 to 61 new patients per month, and again in the last half of 2020 to 67 new patients per month. (Numbers are based on calculations using the number of appointment request forms submitted by patients.)

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