I Want a Dental Website that Gets Results

Dental Websites That Get Results

So you have a website, but it’s not performing. The phone isn’t ringing, and you want to know why.

My name is Dr. David Hall. David-Hall-web-ad Back in 1995 I started marketing my own dental practice on the Internet. My website became very prominent, and after some years, other dentists asked me to help them with their Internet marketing. Those efforts were so successful that I decided to form a company and dedicate myself to this full time. So in 2009 I founded Infinity Dental Web.

I’ve been in your shoes. I understand the marketing from your point of view, and I want to help.

The problem with a lot of Internet marketing in 2015 is that the Internet has changed dramatically in the past couple of years and most companies simply aren’t keeping up. But this is the kind of challenge that I love, and I’ve assembled a team of like-minded, very bright individuals who are determined to stay at the cutting edge of Internet marketing.

Get in touch with us. Fill out the attached form, and we’ll look at your website, evaluate your current marketing efforts, and open your eyes to what is possible for your practice. On the average, we triple the website traffic for our clients the first year they’re with us and increase it 75% per year thereafter. Would you like to see results like this for your practice?

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Browse this website to learn more. You may want to start by taking 90 seconds to watch this video about what we did for one dentist:

You may also want to click here to read about our results-driven approach to Internet marketing.

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