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One of the key differences between us and the competition is that we provide truly customized content to each client. While other companies use recycled Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts, everything we create is original and tailored towards your practice. We take pride in creating original designs for your social media accounts as well.

Why does that matter? Because on the Web, content is king. Search engines, for example, are only interested in unique content. So our social media activities have the added benefit of greatly boosting your website traffic. Increases range from a 50% increase at the low end to tripling the traffic for more aggressive packages.

Creativity and originality also help promote engagement, which is the goal of social media marketing. Facebook, in particular, is a very personalized medium where every dentist’s patient base is slightly different. We find that what interests the patients of one doctor goes over poorly with the patients of another. So we try to be creative, and as we learn what will engage your patients, that’s what we do.

Here are some examples of our custom-branded Facebook pages:

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