Social Blog Portfolio

Social Blog Portfolio

At Infinity Dental Web, we believe that social blogging should be at the center of any aggressive social media strategy.  A custom designed and maintained blog is included at different levels in most of our social media packages. We take pride in the fact that no two of our social blogs are alike and that each reflects the personality of the dentist or the culture of their practice.

What we are here calling the “social blog” is different from the blog we refer to that is part of search engine optimization. The SEO blogs are designed to draw traffic into your site by providing clinically relevant information about the services you provide. The social blogs have an entirely different purpose—they are designed to interest and engage your patients and prospective patients. So if you hire us to do SEO and also social media, you will have two blogs—one that is clinical and directed toward the search engines and another that is highly visible and designed to engage your online community.

Here are some examples of our social blog designs:

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