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Social Media Marketing= Google Failure Insurance?

Hello everyone!  We at Infinity Dental Web hope that everybody had a safe and happy summer.  We’ve had a particularly busy one here making several changes in order to serve you better, keep your phones ringing, and keep you ranked high.  Some of these changes include accommodating for the Google Penguin update, trying to make rhyme or reason out of Google +/Google + Local, and hiring new staff to help.



Google Penguin Update

First off, the Google penguin update was more than just a regular update, it was a shift in a new direction that is causing us to examine and rethink our strategies. Google is out to penalize several SEO tactics that were previously viewed as good practices. Link building practices  are especially being targeted.  Search is also becoming more social and Google has really been pushing Google+.  Companies that are recommended and reviewed well by peers do well.
While these changes are unsettlilng to many in the SEO community, here at Infinity Dental Web we pride ourselves in our history of weathering these types of upheavals. We have been busy adjusting our strategies in three major areas. First, we are radically revising our link-building program. Second, we are moving agressively into social media marketing as a way to both enhance Google rankings and as a way of diversification to insulate against the impact of possible future Google changes. Third, we are becoming more insistent and strict in recommending against marketing strategies involving multiple websites. These strategies are one of the prime targets of Penguin.

Bye, Julie… Welcome Kaycie and Danielle!

We were sad to see Julie leave us earlier this month but have hired two new girls to take her place.  Kaycie Smith has been hired to handle referrals and business listings.  If you have any questions regarding your listing, please refer to Kaycie (kaycie@infinitydentalweb.com). Danielle Azar has been brought on to help us incorporate social media in our online strategy and to manage our pay-per-click marketing, and will be the new contact person for Julie (Danielle@infinitydentalweb.com).  They are welcome additions to our team.

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Social Media= Google Failure Insurance

Because of changes in Google and the continued growth of social media, we are pleased to announce that we are launching a social media department.  Now you will be able to connect with and engage your patients on a friendlier platform while gaining maximum exposure to their friends.  Here at Infinity Dental Web, we view social media not only as a great way to expand your marketing reach, but also as an insurance policy against future possible Google upheavals.
Social media is a great opportunity for you to reach a large potential audience.  Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site and Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a day.  Even newcomer Google+ has more than 25 million users.  Some of the services we plan to offer include:
·         Timeline cover deisgn & maintenance of facebook page
·         Design/updates on Twitter
·         Social blogging
·         Google +
·         Client newsletters
·         Pinterest
·         Tumblr
·         Youtube
We will also be offering FourSquare promotions and Instagram contests for those with mobile websites.  Some of these services will be available a la carte and there will be several packages offered as well.  We have hired a new person to handle this, bringing us to the next topic.

Mobile Sites Get it Right

Finally, we want to inform you on the success of our mobile sites.  We started doing mobile sites at the end of last year and calls from these sites have been steadily increasing through 2012. Our first mobile website for a client brought in 60 calls for appointments last month.  Having a mobile optimized website is great because many regular websites do not function well on a mobile device.  Also, as you may have noticed, everyone is on their smartphone or tablet all the time. Mobile is not just an on-the-go phenomenon with 43% of mobile internet usage happening in the home.   Google found that 92 percent of smartphone owners in the US seek local information via their devices, and that 89 percent of those people took some form of action after such a lookup.  In addition, in the US, 51 percent called a business and 48 percent actually went to the business location.  The question you must ask yourself is: With statistics such as these, can you afford not to have one?




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