Dental Websites Work

Websites Work for Marketing Cosmetic Dentistry

The internet is a powerful marketing tool for cosmetic dentistry. Surveys show that aesthetic dentists who have learned how to harness the power of the internet can attract quality patients. These patients will come to the office more knowledgeable about their treatment options,  open to complex treatment plans, and more committed to pay than patients who are recommended by another one of your patients.

Many aesthetic practices are reporting that anywhere from half to ninety percent of their large cases are coming from internet referrals. Isn’t it time that you join this information revolution?

The internet has the capability of delivering the information prospective patients seek. They can learn about your philosophy, become familiar with the office, see photographs of your work, and study their treatment options. Patients recruited through the internet are smart.

And the beauty of internet marketing for cosmetic dentists is that the dentist can ethically and professionally deliver the information that prospective patients are seeking. You openly display what you have to offer. You don’t have to reduce your skills to a thirty-second sound bite, a banner ad in the yellow pages, or a splash on a single-page magazine spread. If you truly have something worthwhile to offer the public, this is a way you can show it all. You can provide explanations, photographs, audio, and those who want to explore can read, view, and listen to it all. No hype is needed.

Infinity Dental Web can provide you a dental website that will be professional, beautiful, and will provide accurate information to your visitors. And above all, we know how to get traffic! All of our websites are custom written for you, and that writing is supervised by Dr. David Hall, an accredited cosmetic dentist who understands you better than any other web designer and who has been doing dental internet marketing since 1995. He knows how to create a site that will register in search engines.

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