Request An Appointment Page

Request an Appointment Page

We recommend the use of a “request an appointment page” for the convenience of visitors to your website. Often people are surfing the net at odd hours and your office isn’t open. Some of them would prefer to leave their contact information with you and have you take the responsibility of calling them rather than their trying to remember to call you. This can represent 10 to 20 percent of your website referrals.

At Infinity Dental Web, we include a “request an appointment page” as a standard feature in all our website packages. We like to make the link to this page highly visible on every web page. We recommend against links in floating boxes and pop-up windows that many visitors find annoying. We recommend in favor of making this page a clear invitation for them to “request an appointment.” Merely having a “contact us” form is too vague. Be direct about what you want them to do, and many of them will indeed respond.

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