Thomas Goebel, DDS

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Case studyThomas Goebel, DDS
Thomas Goebel, DDS Featured Image

Dr. Goebel came to us in late 2020 wanting to transition his dental practice from an insurance-dependent family practice into a higher-end aesthetically oriented practice and ease out of being an in-network dentist. He was averaging around 16 new patients a month and said he would like a few more but mostly wanted a higher quality of patient and wanted to generate some smile makeover business since he really enjoyed that work but was only doing a couple of smile makeovers a year. At the same time, he didn’t want the transition to be so drastic that he wouldn’t continue to generate general dentistry work with his website.

We created a design that gave his website a more upscale look, without being so expensive-looking or exclusive that it would discourage general dentistry patients from calling. We also suggested changing the name of the practice as it appeared on the website from Goebel Family Dentistry to Goebel Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We were able to get him a #1 ranking in Google for Moline cosmetic dentist, a #1 ranking for Moline porcelain veneers, a #3 ranking for Moline dental implants, as well as strong rankings for a number of other search terms. As a result, he is now attracting a number of patients seeking cosmetic dentistry and implant services.

Six months after launching he decided to let us add paid search to his services, with considerable success. He is now averaging around 26 new patients a month, many of them the quality patients he has wanted, and is getting ready to add an associate.