Drake and Wallace Dentistry

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Case studyDrake and Wallace Dentistry
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Drs. Josh Drake and Lauren Wallace are a brother-and-sister dental team in Decatur, Alabama. They came to us in late 2017, referred by one of our clients. They run a basic general dentistry practice that was getting about 20 new patients per month, but wanted to increase that to 50, if they could. The practice had lost visibility recently in part due to their changing their name.

When we questioned them about their branding, what made their practice unique, they weren’t sure. So we developed their branding message by researching what patients said about them. We discovered a theme through most of those comments of a very warm, caring practice. So we sought, in the design and the content, to create that image. We developed that theme of warmth by highlighting the fact that they are a brother and sister team. We created the headline “Gentle, Considerate, and Careful Dental Care” by drawing words directly from patient comments.

Their search engine optimization is at a moderately intense level, and in the couple of months since the new website was launched it has increased their rankings for Decatur dentist from #7 to #3. They are drawing in patients looking for dentist near me, best dentist, dentist for children, and other search terms. We have so far doubled their new patient acquisition to just over 40 per month.