Dr. Carl Embury

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Case studyDr. Carl Embury
Dr. Carl Embury Featured Image

This website started with Dr. Warren Krutchick, who in 2013 asked us to take over managing his website for him. Then in 2018 he had us do a redesign with a custom website.

He was a solo practitioner in the Buffalo, NY suburb of West Seneca. The nature of his practice gave us a number of marketing angles to use for him. Sedation dentistry was a large part of his practice. He also had a high level of expertise in treating TMJ, did beautiful cosmetic dentistry, and was willing to accommodate patients with holistic dentistry concerns. Using all these marketing angles, we have been able to attract a large number of patients from a wide area. He got patients coming to him from as far away as Toronto on the north to Pennsylvania on the south and New York’s Finger Lakes region on the east. “Do you know what that’s from?” asks Stacy from his office. “It’s from the website,” she says.

In 2021, Dr. Krutchick retired and sold his practice to Dr. Carl Embury. On the strength of the recommendation of Dr. Krutchick, Dr. Embury decided to continue with us. We made some modifications to the website to reflect the practice philosophy and skills of Dr. Embury and it continues to bring in 20-30 new patients a month. In 2023 he was able to expand, adding a new location and another dentist to his practice.