Internet Marketing of Cosmetic Dentistry

Internet Marketing of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing

Skills in aesthetic dentistry that remain undelivered to patients are of little use. Still, the concept of marketing remains uncomfortable to some in cosmetic dentistry. But the public has a great need for information about cosmetic dentistry. And where are they going to get it, if not from the cosmetic dentist?

Hence the need for dental marketing. In fact, a key force behind the patients who come to us is the awareness of the procedures we provide. How would they know to ask for porcelain veneers if they didn’t know that service was available? Would they ask for whiter teeth if no one told them about it? Would they seek out a crown for a front tooth that didn’t have a dark line at the margin if they knew nothing about the possibilities of contemporary cosmetic dentistry?

Clearly it is incumbent on cosmetic dentists to educate the public about their services. Whether we’re uncomfortable with the term or not, that education is marketing. And in the twenty-first century, there is no marketing tool that seems to have as much promise for cosmetic dentistry as the Internet. It can deliver text and images very efficiently. It is economical, fast, and far-reaching.

Dentists who are having success with Internet marketing are reluctant to talk about it. But there are a number of practices across the country where the majority of their large cases are coming from Internet referrals. In fact, these dentists, when comparing patient referrals to Internet referrals, say that those who come to them because of their websites are more motivated, more “ready to buy,” and are more ready for complex treatment plans.

But many dentists who have invested thousands of dollars in websites are unhappy with their performance. Essentially they have a visually impressive display that very few people see. Or, after investing heavily in a website, they have to turn around and conduct a separate marketing plan to make people aware of the website.

Many have learned that sites that rely solely on impressive flash technology and graphic elements do not attract search engines. Search engines are looking for content—for information that will be valuable to people. Flash, frames, and other high-tech presentations can sometimes get in the way, if they aren’t managed properly.

What We Can Do for You

At Infinity Dental Web we have an especially deep understanding of cosmetic dentistry. Our President, Dr. David Hall, has been an AACD accredited cosmetic dentist since 1990, and has been doing Internet marketing of cosmetic dentistry since 1995. No one else in the Internet marketing industry knows as well what prospective cosmetic dentistry patients are looking for. And no other web design firm in the world can offer the expertise that Infinity Dental Web can. Give us a call and find out how easy and economical it will be for you to develop a powerful web presence. We will custom author a website for you. It will contain reliable, helpful information that will draw visitors to your site to view your credentials and photographs of your work.

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