Golden Rule

Our mission: To be trustworthy

How Does the Golden Rule apply to Internet marketing?

As an ethical dentist, you probably practice the golden rule when you provide treatment to your patients—you provide the quality of treatment you would want for yourself or members of your family.

Dr. David Hall has the same ethical background in dentistry that you do, and has taken that golden rule philosophy as a foundation for his marketing business. At Infinity Dental Web, we treat our clients the way we would want to be treated, if we were the dentist.

This perspective is a little easier for us than it is for our competition. Dr. Hall’s background is as a practicing dentist who marketed his own practice on the Internet for many years before starting Infinity Dental Web. In fact, the primary motivation for him starting this company was that he felt other website companies weren’t identifying fully with you and your needs.

You Need a Website Company You Can Trust

Dr. Hall understands that you don’t want to have to worry about your Internet marketing. You want to stay in the operatory, seeing patients and being productive. That’s why you went to school, and it remains not only your passion but the most profitable way for you to operate.

But to do that, you have to be able to trust your Internet marketing company. We understand that, and have made trustworthiness a primary business objective. All hires are screened for honesty, we are BBB accredited, and we have a strict policy that lying to a client is grounds for immediate termination. But we also understand that trust goes beyond simple honesty. Beyond trusting that we are honest, you need to trust that we will get the job done. That’s why it’s important for you to know that Search Engine News has called Infinity Dental Web the leader in search marketing in the dental industry, and that we are at the cutting edge of everything going on in Internet marketing.

The third important aspect of trust is knowing that we care—and we do. Our people are taught to worry about the success of your Internet marketing for you. We watch the traffic, we watch your rankings, we monitor the phone calls that come from the website, all with the objective of making sure your website and other Internet marketing activities are bringing in patients at a rate that meets your expectations.


Another element of trust is transparency. If there is a problem, if we have made a mistake, we will admit it, take responsibility, and fix it. We teach all our employees that if they can’t comfortably explain a policy or something we have done or plan to do, maybe we shouldn’t be doing it.

How we feel about transparency is very easy to demonstrate. You will notice that on this website we publish full pricing information—website design costs, SEO, social media, videos—all the pricing is openly posted for everyone to read. I did a check of 24 of our principal competitors, 24 other website companies that either specialize in dental websites or have a strong dental division. Of those 24, three companies market with the message that they will give you the cheapest website. They publish their prices on their company website. We don’t consider them our competition, because we don’t do any cookie-cutter websites with stock content. Of the other 21, only one has any specific information about their prices online, and that information is partial. So Infinity Dental Web leads the pack in pricing transparency.

Yes, it is a small item, but it reveals a mindset, and we hope that you will take that as a token of our business philosophy.

Get to know us. Give us a call and ask us all your questions. We will try hard to measure up to all your expectations and be the Internet marketing company you can trust, so you can focus on your dentistry.

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