About David Hall, DDS

About the Company Founder

Infinity Dental Web is located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It was founded by accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. David Hall. He loves dentistry, loves to write, loves to market, and loves to innovate.

He very much enjoyed practicing dentistry, and graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School in 1979 with several honors. A couple of years after opening his dental practice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he became very interested in cosmetic dentistry, and when he learned of the founding of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he became one of its early members. In 1990, he became one of the first 40 dentists in the world to earn AACD accreditation.

When the Internet began becoming popular, he was intrigued by the idea of publishing his own website. He actually designed and wrote a website to market his dental practice in 1995, in the early days of the Internet. The following year he began studying search engine optimization. At that time, Yahoo! and Altavista were the dominant search engines. Google wasn’t launched until 1998. His website, because of the unique and comprehensive information he posted, became one of the leading cosmetic dentistry websites in the world. He was fascinated by the idea that he could write and post information that became noticed all over the country and even in foreign countries. He loved interacting with the visitors of his website and would answer their questions by e-mail. Often their questions would give him ideas for other topics that needed to be addressed on his website.

People who read his website would want to come to him for their cosmetic dentistry and other dental needs, and he began attracting patients from hundreds of miles around. By quizzing the patients who found him on the Internet, he gained a deep understanding of how to attract patients through Internet marketing. If website visitors were too far away to visit his practice, he would refer them to other accredited cosmetic dentists he knew around the country. After doing this for several years, he began to think that he should list other recommended cosmetic dentists on the website. At first he did this for free, but then he began to charge for that. The site continued to grow in both size and popularity. But in spite of this success, the idea of doing websites for a living hadn’t really occurred to him.

In 2006, however, the idea was planted in his mind by a colleague of his, Dr. Karen Blair. She had practiced around the corner from him in Cedar Rapids, but had moved to the Chicago area and was opening a practice in Naperville. He happened to be talking to her on the phone when she asked him to help her launch her practice by doing a website for her. At first he was hesitant, but on thinking about it, was intrigued with the idea and agreed to do that. The website was very successful, and soon obtained number one rankings for most of the key search terms in Naperville.

A Unique Approach To Business

As an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he knew other accredited members around the country. He let some of them know that he was available to help them with their websites, and several of them took him up on the offer. For each of these first clients, he was able to obtain the number one ranking for cosmetic dentistry in their market area. A couple of them were in smaller cities, but several were larger metropolitan areas like Phoenix, Chicago, and Cleveland. But it wasn’t just his SEO success that intrigued him. As he looked at what other dental website companies were doing, he didn’t feel that any of them fully understood the needs of the dentists they were trying to serve. He also realized he had a set of skills and aptitudes that made him uniquely qualified for this type of work. Having been in the private practice of dentistry for over twenty years, he realized that most dentists wanted someone who would take complete control of their Internet marketing, without them having to even worry about it. And there were other issues where he had a unique approach to the business that would set him apart from the competition.

In 2008, he made initial preparations to launch the new company. Late in the year, he moved to the Phoenix area and hired a full-time employee to work with him. In January, 2009, he filed incorporation papers for Infinity Dental Web, Inc. By August he had added two additional employees, and moved the business out of his home to a commercial office space.

Since then, he has continued to add employees, new clients, and new services. His drive is to keep the company at the leading edge of every phase of Internet marketing. His primary guiding principle is that Infinity Dental Web will do everything possible for the dentist to drive patients to the office with as little worry and effort on the part of the dentist as possible. He loves the challenges posed by the rapid changes in the Internet marketing landscape—the explosion in the use of mobile devices, the opportunities of social media marketing, and the growth of online reviews and map search. And he has felt very fortunate to find talented and dedicated people who share his vision, are willing to pioneer in all of these niches, and have the drive to be the very best.

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