September 2017

A great website design is a must in today’s highly visual market.

The way your website looks tells users whether they want to interact or do business with you in just a fraction of a second. One glance can turn someone into a customer, or force that person to click away.

The design and placement of elements on your website will take hours, weeks or even months, but whether it works or not will be decided in an instant. That first impression from a new user will determine if and how he or she continues to interact with your site, brand or business. A visually pleasing design will help that first glance last longer and retain users.

Take a look at the following website designs. Do they feel approachable? Do they invite you to learn more? If so, simply click on an image to see the full website. 

For additional information regarding our website design and integrated online marketing services, or would like a free evaluation of your current online brand, please contact Doug Gilliatt at (480) 273-8888.

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