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Why You Need a Mobile Website

May 21, 2012

In 2012, it is estimated that 1 in every 4 internet searches will come from a mobile device. Currently, only 9% of websites are mobile optimized. Since Google aims to provide the best user experience possible, it is rewarding those sites that are mobile optimized. This is the time to be on the cutting edge and have a mobile website. Statistics show that the majority of mobile users will abandon your site if the navigation is awkward or isn’t mobile optimized.

At Infinity Dental Web, the websites we have created are compatible with mobile devices, but have not been mobile optimized. Since we pride ourselves on spotting trends and staying ahead of the technology curve, we have put a priority into developing state-of-the-art mobile website technology. We have launched test mobile sites since December, and are ready to roll them out for our clients. The design of these sites is sized for mobile screens, navigation is set up to maximize the experience of the mobile user, and the content is edited so that it is tailored to mobile search behaviors. Our first test mobile site is now generating 10 to 15 calls per month for that client.

We are giving our clients the option to be on the forefront of mobile marketing.
From now until June 15th, Infinity Dental Web is offering a $200 discount on mobile websites.

For a set-up fee of $695, discounted to $495 for the next three weeks, your mobile site will include:

  • Profile Page
  • Contact Us
  • Map and directions to your office
  • Information about the services your practice offers
  • All significant pages on your main website imported into the mobile site structure and edited to be mobile-friendly
  • Click to call feature
  • Smile Gallery (if applicable)
  • Links to social media
  • Option to view full site
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Optimization for mobile search
  • Content that is custom-written for you and your practice

A $45 monthly maintenance fee covers:

  • Monitoring and performance of the site
  • Troubleshooting
  • Keeping up-to-date with current practice and clinical information
  • Launching new technologies as they become available

We are able to keep this fee this low because some of the functions overlap with the maintenance of your main website. To obtain this sale price, you need to have call tracking installed, which averages approx. $5-10 per month. Monitoring the call tracking will help gauge the effectiveness of your mobile site and will help us stay at the leading edge of understanding mobile search behavior.

Searches for health and medical information and providers make up approximately 23% of all mobile searches. Research shows that the majority of mobile search is stimulated as a response to traditional media or advertising, followed by word of mouth. If your practice makes use of traditional media or has a lot of word-of-mouth referral potential, a mobile optimized site will strongly enhance those efforts.

If interested, please contact us at (480) 273-8888.

Do not delay! We have already received a positive response from a number of our clients, and will implement sites in the order they are received.




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