February 2017

Infinity Dental Web & Dr. Hall at AACD 2017

Infinity Dental Web will be exhibiting at the annual AACD meeting at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada April 18-21st! This is your chance to come and meet our team of marketing professionals, and the dental mind behind the company!

We will also be sponsoring the AACD welcome reception, which will be held on Tuesday from 7:30-10:30 PM. We will be eagerly waiting to answer all of your questions at booth 327 during the conference!

The Lecture

Our president, Dr. David Hall, and his son Brian will be presenting a lecture Thursday, April 20th, from 3-5 PM. Brian Hall has an MBA in marketing, has been a brand manager for several Fortune 500 companies, and is a consultant for Infinity Dental Web. The title of the lecture is “How to Harness the Power of Subconscious Marketing for Your Dental Practice.” Besides breaking new ground with this topic, we will be presenting some original research illustrating the power of subconscious marketing principles in dentistry. We are predicting quite the crowd for this event, so register soon for your spot! 

Neuroscience research shows that purchasing decisions, including the decision to choose a dentist, occur subconsciously long before the conscious decision is made. We will help you understand this process and show you how to leverage it for your practice using your website and other external marketing.

Secured Sites to Impact Google Rankings

For the past couple of years, Google has been encouraging people to make websites secure, and has indicated that in the future website security will become a significant ranking factor. Our SEO team thoroughly examined all the pros and cons of SSL encryption, and we’re now recommending that 100 percent of our clients sign up for a SSL site conversion.

Besides the impact on your Google rankings, having an encrypted site can help both you and your visitors in the following ways:

Encrypting data-by encrypting the data that is being exchanged an outside source cannot ‘eavesdrop’ or steal a visitor’s information, or track their actions. This also means that data from either party cannot be changed or modified before it gets to its intended location.

Authentication—proves that your users communicate with the intended website. It protects against man-in-the-middle attacks and builds user trust, which translates into other business benefits.

Connecting with Patients Via Social Media 

IDW has recently revamped our social media packages. Our variety of plans offer a price range, and patient engagement level that is right for every practice. Social media boosts reviews, as well as website click throughs, which means more patients for you! You already have a beautiful website created by Infinity Dental Web, why not boost it’s success even more with professionally managed social media content?

Our social media managers are carefully trained to have a great deal of knowledge of dental procedures. Because of this, they can create spins on common topics that make your social accounts new and exciting. And don’t worry, any sensitive messages or issues will be handled with the utmost understanding. Did you know that 59% of people who have a social media account agree that customer service via social media has made it easier to get questions and concerns resolved?

If your practice needs a boost in patients, or just a boost in morale, professional social media management could be your answer. As with everything else we do, the goal of our social media department is to make this aspect of your marketing worry-free. Ask us about your options today.

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