February 2016

Big Changes at Infinity Dental Web

Over the past 18 months, Infinity Dental Web has been making a slow but profound change in our company identity.

Almost from our founding in 2009 we’ve been known as the industry leader in search engine optimization. We have been known for that not only among dentists, but among search engine professionals. The writers at Search Engine News have been ones who have publicly identified us as the leaders in SEO in the dental industry.

We also have a long-standing reputation for excellence in customer service.

But from the beginning, my vision for the company was always more than that. I wanted Infinity Dental Web to be known as the all-around leader in every facet of dental Internet marketing.

After we had established that SEO leadership, I began pushing our people to improve our website design–telling our team I wanted us to be the dental industry leader in that. Although it is embarrassing to admit it, I’ll be honest with you. While I had initial acceptance of the goal, as time went on I found increasing and entrenched internal resistance to it. I came to the painful realization about 18 months ago that I had to make some personnel changes in order to reach that goal. So that is what I did.

I hired a new creative director who let all of our previous design people go. I am pleased to be able to say that the new creative team is passionate about achieving that goal, and I feel that they have now arrived. Our newest designs, I believe, are among the best in the industry.Those of you who have recently asked us to re-design your websites are learning that first hand. You can see our new portfolio on display on our company website.

Along with that, we have been moving forward on other fronts. We have been honing our marketing savvy to the point where I believe we now also lead the dental industry in that department. We did two main things to raise the level of our marketing sophistication:

1. We opened a research program and are conducting ongoing regular research into the marketing behavior of dental patients. Among other things, we have developed a system for recruiting consumer subjects and we regularly interview them for their reactions to various dental websites and to discover what motivates them to call a particular dentist. Through our research, we have been learning things about dental patient marketing behavior that no one else in the industry knows.

2. We have also brought in a couple of consultants to regularly meet with us, people with world-class marketing expertise. One is a former brand manager for one of the world’s leading consumer products manufacturers. Another is a past winner of the prestigious Atticus Award for original thinking in marketing. This is added to the marketing savvy of our full-time staff, which I believe is excellent–people with marketing degrees from some of the leading schools in the country. As we examine the work of our competitors, I am confident that we now lead the dental website industry in marketing sophistication. We understand how to target various demographic segments. We know how to manage the emotional impact of our designs and content on the dental consumer so that we create the trust necessary to influence them to call for an appointment. And we have a deep understanding of this new area of neuromarketing.

Our goal in all of this is to do the very best job of promoting you, our client, that we can.

I feel very fortunate, even blessed, to have the team we have assembled to serve you. They are self-motivated. They are bright. They are hardworking and all committed to the same goal of building a great company intent on making each of our clients successful.

Welcome to the new and improved Infinity Dental Web.

Introducing Michael Skarsten

New to our search department is search marketing strategist, Michael Skarsten.

Michael’s expertise in SEO comes from his knack for creating engaging, useful content. He has a degree in Digital Media Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Since his graduation, he has worked at using his writing skills to create blog content for the purpose of attracting links and building online awareness for clients.

Michael enjoys building brands through creative content marketing and a little technical know-how. He has a creative, competitive personality that he will now use to boost our clients.

When he’s not dealing in SERPs, ROI, and XML, you can find him on stage performing stand-up comedy. He has a small comedy troupe that performs around the Phoenix valley.

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