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Google’s “Medic” Update

At Infinity Dental Web, we have done a lot of research on the impact of recent changes Google has made to its algorithm. Be sure to check your December Dental Economics for Dr. David Hall’s article on the subject. Here is an overview of that information:

Many dentists’ websites were negatively affected by Google’s “Medic” update, which first rolled out in August of last year and has seen several updates since then. This update is part of a fundamental shift in Google’s ranking strategy. Rather than ranking sites based on what the public considers good information, it is trying to set itself up as the arbiter of what information is trustworthy and what isn’t. It is trying to discover signals it can read from the website that will enable it to weed out popular websites that give out information that Google feels don’t promote desirable social outcomes. As such, there has been a lot of criticism of their recent changes in their algorithm. Websites that are considered to be quality websites have been seriously downgraded.

Webmasters around the world have been working since last August to figure out what Google is looking at to make these determinations, and no one has been able to figure that out. Here at Infinity Dental Web, while most of our clients are doing very well in spite of this “Medic” update, about ten percent of them remain at least slightly downgraded by it. We have gone through these websites and tweaked technical issues, done proofreading, and worked on other factors. We have seen some improvement from these things, but in most cases not a complete restoration of the rankings that you would think they should have, based on the quality of the practice and the website and the outside links pointing to the site. Some of these websites have number one rankings in other search engines.

Click here to read more about this “Medic” update and its ramifications.



Client Spotlight:  Cheek Dental

Dr. Cristi Cheek runs a dental practice with her associate, Dr. Kristina Chandler. They are in East Cobb, Georgia, an affluent unincorporated community adjacent to Marietta, and a suburb of Atlanta. She came to us wanting a custom-designed website that branded her practice as one providing high-quality general and implant dentistry as well as being the go-to cosmetic practice in the area.

She opted for our Premium Aesthetic website design, our highest level, and our High Profile Plus content level, plus our Local Search services.

After launching the new website it jumped in rankings from the bottom of page 2 for East Cobb cosmetic dentist to #4 on page 1. Getting her to rank for East Cobb dentist has been more work, but that is close to being on the first page. New patient numbers have improved significantly. But to Dr. Cheek, it’s more than about the numbers. The new website is attracting patients who want the type of dentistry she wants to provide—quality general and implant dentistry and smile makeovers. So she is enjoying her work much more.

Below is what Dr. Cheek’s site looked like before:



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