April 2018


Self-Referral – An Internet Marketing Trend.

It used to be that when you needed the services of a dental specialist, your family dentist would send you to a specialist and you would just go. Recently, more and more patients are taking this referral process into their own hands. We are calling this practice “self-referral.”   Read the Article

More Patients Are Checking Your Facebook Page.

In a previous blog post, we shared how our surveys on the use of online reviews have shown a trend of more patients looking up reviews of practices before asking for an appointment. Our surveys also show that patients are checking out more websites. But the most dramatic shift we have seen over the past four years has been the increased frequency of patients checking the practice Facebook page.  Read the Article

Attending the 2018 AACD Scientific Session In Chicago this month?

Is so, we invite you to please stop by booth #521 and say hello! Dr. David Hall and his team will be there to address any questions you have regarding the ever-changing world of online marketing for today’s dental practices.

New Work | Distinct Dental Studios – Lancaster, Texas

Distinct Dental Studios is a practice in Lancaster, Texas, that just opened in late 2015. It has aggressive marketing goals, seeking 50-60 new patients per month targeting insurance-dependent patients.

A high-end design that might be appropriate for an aesthetic dentistry practice would likely intimidate his target market, so we gave him a custom design with a plain but modern feel and content with a direct, matter-of-fact tone that presents his services in a non-braggadocios way.  Visit Website



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