April 2017

Behind the Scenes

with Kaycie Smith, Senior Search Strategist


Monitoring Your Website Performance

Some of you may not realize how closely we watch your website performance and how invested we are in your success, so we thought it would be good to write an article about that. There is a lot that goes on here at Infinity Dental Web behind the scenes. Let’s give you a glimpse of what those things are.


Weekly Metrics

For each client we have identified a primary search term, sometimes two, and we check the Google ranking for those terms every week. Our Search Assistant creates a report and gives one copy to our company president, one to Doug Gilliatt (our Director of Client Services), and one to me. In the report, we flag any client whose ranking has dropped, so that we can be on top of any ranking issues that may have developed. Each of us looks over the report and makes suggestions for clients who seem to need attention.

Monthly Metrics

On a monthly basis, we track several key metrics. The main report we create is your monthly traffic report. We convert your website traffic data to a graph so that we can readily diagnose the trend. Website traffic, is the single best indicator of the performance of our search engine optimization efforts, and we want to see every client having an upward trend. We are pleased that on the average, our clients see a 75% increase in website traffic each year.

Also, as part of this monthly traffic report, we create a report of the phone calls you receive from the website. Most of our clients have call tracking installed, which enables us to know how many phone calls from new patients the website has generated. In addition, the call tracking feature allows us to record phone calls. When you let us listen to recorded phone calls, we have one more valuable diagnostic tool.

The majority of the time staff are skilled in turning new patient calls into appointments, but at times this can be a problem area where telephone personnel may need some coaching. We have successfully provided that coaching to a handful of clients.

We have recently added an advanced call tracking feature which has the capability to determine to search term the patient used to find your website to find out which search terms are bringing in patients and which aren’t. That call tracking feature begins at $30 per month, and if you would like to upgrade to that level it could provide very helpful diagnostics for you.

We also monitor the search terms that are actually bringing in patients to your practice. We have a unique mechanism for doing this, one that was developed by Dr. David Hall—none of our competitors use anything close to it.

There is one more step. Each client has a writer assigned who does regular blogging for the website. The writers, who are trained in SEO, monitor all the secondary search terms, of which there may be from two to sixteen depending on your level of service. These secondary search terms are designed to bring in patients based on their attraction to specific procedures. The writers analyze how well these secondary search terms are working and which may need boosting, and then the use our unique strategic blogging system to boost traffic brought in with that search term.

Infinity Dental Web & Dr. Hall at AACD 2017

Infinity Dental Web will be exhibiting at the annual AACD meeting at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada April 18-21st! This is your chance to come and meet our team of marketing professionals, and the dental mind behind the company!

We will also be sponsoring the AACD welcome reception, which will be held on Tuesday from 7:30-10:30 PM. We will be eagerly waiting to answer all of your questions at booth 327 during the conference!


The Lecture

Our president, Dr. David Hall, and his son Brian will be presenting a lecture Thursday, April 20th, from 3-5 PM. Brian Hall has an MBA in marketing, has been a brand manager for several Fortune 500 companies, and is a consultant for Infinity Dental Web. The title of the lecture is “How to Harness the Power of Subconscious Marketing for Your Dental Practice.”

Neuroscience research shows that purchasing decisions, including the decision to choose a dentist, occur subconsciously long before the conscious decision is made. We will help you understand this process and show you how to leverage it for your practice using your website and other external marketing.

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