August 2017


The Role of Emotion in Selling Dentistry

A mistake many dental marketers and dentists make is thinking that the choice of a dentist is all about logic. It’s not. It’s not even primarily about logic. Whether the prospective patient likes you or not is an emotional thing. If your website doesn’t address the emotions behind choosing a dentist, it will never be as successful as it could be. Read More

How Important is User Experience?

Over the past several months we have read many posts and articles from leaders in the SEO industry about user experience and its importance. A quick search in Google garnered no less than 10 articles by MOZ alone on this very topic. We have seen firsthand the impact user experience can have on site rankings. Read More

Hope Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry

“I have been with Infinity Dental Web for nearly 6 years, and they have made a big difference in my practice. They have given me top rankings in Google, a beautiful website that faithfully represents the level of dentistry I deliver, and a marketing strategy that has brought quality patients into my practice. Business has been good.”

– Jerome Cha, DDS, Accredited Member, AACD
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