Skillful Use of Video

If video is well used, it can be an effective marketing technique. It has excellent conversion potential because of its ability to engage the visitor.

We recommend that video not be set to play automatically, but that there be a button where your visitor, if they choose, can play it. Many people browse at work or in other settings where they may not appreciate spontaneous sound, so this could chase them off your site.

Video can be either played directly from your site, or it can be uploaded to YouTube and embedded. Video that is uploaded to YouTube can be optimized for video search, and so can be an excellent source of traffic to your site.

It’s important that video files be short. Two minutes would be an absolute maximum length, to retain interest.

An example of the skillful use of video is the website of Dr. Brad Hylan. Notice the videos embedded on the homepage. Dr. Hylan’s wonderful personality shines in these videos, and his patients are happy to make their own patient testimonial videos as well.  The videos are concise, well placed, and generate additional traffic from Youtube.

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