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How Is Infinity Dental Web Able to Bring You Quality Patients?

The science is called neuroscience. Its application to marketing is called neuromarketing—the study of the influences that affect our purchase decisions, particularly subconscious influences. At Infinity Dental Web, we are experts at using these sophisticated marketing techniques to attract quality patients into your practice.

Dr. David Hall, the founder of Infinity Dental Web, was himself a practicing dentist and an accredited member of the AACD who used his website to bring him quality patients. He has now assembled a team of marketing experts who understand these concepts.

Let’s illustrate with a case study of Dr. David Newkirk in Naperville, IL. After re-designing his website, we monitored the phone calls to see how effective it was. In the month we monitored, his phone calls included three patients who had not previously heard of him, who found him on the internet, and based completely on the impression they had of him from the website scheduled complete smile makeovers. His appointment secretary warned the patients that Dr. Newkirk did not accept their insurance, but that didn’t deter them.

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We see this sort of thing happening repeatedly with our clients. Here are some other examples:

“Our previous website company brought us lots of calls, but they were people who were looking for a dentist who accepted their insurance. We spent a lot of time answering the phone and explaining we weren’t that type of practice. But Infinity Dental Web found a way to target the people our practice wants to see. People now find us on the internet and come in wanting porcelain veneers and other major work and are prepared to pay for it. It’s perfect for us.”
– J. Fred Arnold, DMD, FAACD, Lexington, KY

“We used to have new patients who were mainly searching for a family dentist. Now we have patients coming specifically asking for veneers, dental implants, and TMJ treatment. Thanks to Infinity Dental Web, I have more of the cases on my schedule that I love doing.”
– Cristi Cheek, DMD, Marietta, GA

“What we like about Infinity Dental Web is that the website they created for us brings us patients who want quality care. Our old website couldn’t do that.”
– Steve Murphree, DMD, Huntsville, AL

“We’re a boutique practice, and Infinity Dental Web has created a website that is customized to attract the high quality patients that are looking for the types of services we provide.”
– Theodore Hadgis, DDS, AAACD, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

“We are now getting more new patients who want smile makeovers and complex restorative work, and are up to about 25 new patients a month.”
– Maria at Burba Dental, Salem, MA

“Infinity Dental Web has given me top rankings in Google and a marketing strategy that has brought quality patients into my practice. Business has been good.”
– Jerome Cha, DDS, Tulsa, OK

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