Stephen Doan, DMD

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Case studyStephen Doan, DMD
Stephen Doan, DMD Featured Image

Dr. Stephen Doan practices in La Jolla, California, a suburb of San Diego. He’s an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and his practice focuses on cosmetic dentistry. He has also had extensive training in occlusion with Dawson, Spear, and Piper, and so also wanted to promote TMJ treatment and restorative implant dentistry on the website.

His practice is a slow-paced boutique-style practice that only needs a small number of new patients, as long as those patients are people who appreciate high-quality dentistry with personalized attention. So we did not recommend an aggressive search engine optimization strategy. But the tone of the website was very important to his marketing strategy. He is a very thoughtful, conscientious practitioner who takes extreme care with his patients. We decided to bring that out by creating a very beautiful website with a very subdued tone, factually presenting his credentials in a modest way, without any hype. But we wanted to make sure visitors to his website learned about his strong credentials and appreciated his perfectionism.

The website, launched in May 2016, has accomplished his goal of attracting new patients who appreciate the sophisticated level of dentistry he provides and are willing to pay for it.