Marianna Farber, DDS

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Case studyMarianna Farber, DDS
Marianna Farber, DDS Featured Image

Dr. Farber runs a high-tech practice in Midtown Manhattan. She came to us in early 2020, frustrated with her previous website company. In spite of paying $2000 per month, she wasn’t getting any new patients from the website. She was getting patients through ZocDoc, but mostly these were young people who didn’t need much work, and many of them canceled because she was not in-network with their insurance. She was hoping we could help bring in patients who needed more work.

When we analyzed the website and the market, we found that while her website company was very capable, they had mis-diagnosed her marketing task. For her primary search term they had chosen “Midtown NY cosmetic dentist.” However, our research revealed that while patients in Manhattan who were looking for a general dentist would generally search by neighborhood (e.g. Midtown Manhattan dentist), when they were searching for a cosmetic dentist they would broaden their search to all of Manhattan. Furthermore, the design of the website, the smile gallery, and Dr. Farber’s credentials weren’t strong enough to compete in the tough Manhattan cosmetic dentistry market.

After gathering thorough information about her practice, we decided that her best marketing angle was to use Midtown Manhattan dentist as a primary search term, and focus on high-tech dentistry, at which she excelled. She also had very strong online reviews that raved about her calm demeanor, no-nonsense personality, and punctual, efficient appointments.

Knowing that we were dealing with a very tough Manhattan market, we were very cautious in what we promised her, telling her that she may need paid search to reach her goals. Just a couple of months after launch, we are seeing new patient appointment requests start to come in. So far, we have been able to garner #1 rankings in Google for mercury-free dentist and implant overdentures. We also have achieved a #2 ranking in Bing for Midtown Manhattan dentist. (Bing attracts an older, more prosperous demographic.)