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Dr. Michael Morgan came to us in 2016 with a history of frustration in dealing with dental website companies. He had spent money with several different companies without getting results. He felt that he had a lot to offer. He is a well-known lecturer on cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and anxiety-free dentistry. Many of his patients are dentists who understand very well the quality treatment he delivers.

Fortunately, in 2015 he began to merge his practice with Dr. Karen Blair, who happened to be our first client and was preparing for retirement. He saw the great results she was getting from her website, and she was able to convince him that we could help him.

His current website company, besides being very expensive, believed in aggressive, pushy marketing. They used popups on the website to try to get visitors to give them their email addresses, and then would email those people with marketing messages from the dentist. Our research, however, has shown that those popups and aggressive techniques backfire. They signal to visitors that the dentist may care more about the money than about the patient, which actually seriously depresses phone calls from visitors. So we took off the popups and gave his website a professional tone with a high-end design. We also developed a series of search terms designed to attract the patients looking for the services he wants to provide. With some of those terms, we had to deal with strict regulations from the Illinois Dental Board that seemed to him to prevent him from fully presenting the services he was offering. But we were able to navigate those regulations with some creativity, and the website is now positioned to attract patients who need the services he offers.