Dental Internet Marketing Update November 2013

The Time To Get A Mobile Site Is Now!

If you've been on the fence about whether or not your practice needs a mobile-optimized web site, Google may have decided for you. Just recently, Google made the announcement that in order for your web site to be considered relevant in their search algorithms, it must be mobile-compatible.

They've even taken it a step further by indicating penalties for sites that load slowly or have otherwise subpar performance on mobile devices, such as videos that won't work. They've stated sites should ultimately load on a mobile device within one second! is in the details - details which you can't afford to overlook.

At Infinity Dental Web, we offer two options for making your web site mobile-friendly - responsive web site design or a dedicated mobile site. The first option is a single web site designed to adapt to the user's device, while the latter is a separate web site designed specifically for mobile devices. Google recommends responsive sites, but in certain situations, there can be advantages to a dedicated mobile site. Call us and we can help you decide which choice is right for you.

In short, a web site optimized for mobile is no longer a nice after-thought, but a requirement. The good news is you have the advantage here. Chances are your competitors are still dragging their feet about going mobile. Get the lead on them while these changes are still in progress!

Did You Know Reviews Affect Your Search Rankings?

Whether you like it or not, your reviews - both good and bad, not only influence the decision of potential patients, but also affect whether your practice gets noticed in the first place. Local Search Engines give prominence to businesses with reviews because they realize this is information shoppers want to see. In fact, in search results, reviews are listed prominently under business name and web address.

To take it a step further, what most businesses don't realize is not all five star reviews are created equal. In terms of search rankings, there are certain types of reviews that increase your relevance in local searches. You may be thinking, that's great, but how can you determine how a client reviews your practice. There are in fact ways you can help your patients write more valuable reviews.

At Infinity Dental Web, we have a service called Maps SEO and Reputation Management. Not only does this service place and maintain your business listings in all the most important online directories, but it includes managing your online reviews. We help you get positive reviews, coach you how to get reviews that enhance your maps rankings, monitor existing reviews, and help you respond to negative ones. If you want to boost your rankings in Google Maps and maps of all other search engines, our Maps SEO is the way to go.

What's In Your Social Media Toolbox?

Imagine performing all your dental work with just a single bur or excavator.  Or how about golfing 18 holes with just a putter?  You wouldn't.  Different jobs require different tools and specific instruments.  The same is true with social media marketing .  Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and Twitter are all great ways to reach potential and existing patients, but how and when they are used can greatly impact your overall results.

Research shows that social media sites are unique in who they target and how they interact with users.  For instance, Facebook has become the new medium for neighbors, family, and friends to spread information by "word-of-mouth". It's not uncommon for Facebook users to get recommendations and opinions about dentists and other businesses via a post. You can see a on our blog. In fact, we're starting to see some of our clients have new patients who say they found their dentist on Facebook.

The exciting and challenging aspect of social media is it's constantly evolving with new doors for sharing your practice opening all around us. Our expert social media team is dedicated to staying up-to-date with these changes and can customize a campaign specific to your business needs.


Maximize Your Online Exposure By

  • Going Mobile
  • Gaining Reviews
  • Expanding Your Social Media Toolbox


Join us at the 2014 AACD Conference. Dr. David Hall, owner and president of Infinity Dental Web will be giving a presentation on Thursday, May 1, 2014 from 9:15 - 12:15. Topic - Marketing: Marketing Your Practice on the Internet in 2014 - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Internet Marketing But Didn't Know Whom to Trust.

You won't want to miss this presentation!

Infinity Dental Web will also be exhibiting April 29 - May 2, 2014 in Orlando, FL. We are very excited to have a presence there next year. Come visit us at booth #933. We look forward to meeting everyone and visiting with our clients! 


We'd like to highlight Dr. Tammy Tran and her staff for giving back to their community.


Giving back is something Dr. Tran and her staff have a great passion for. Dr. Tran and team participate in social events throughout the year at local areas in their community. This includes retirement homes and local schools where they teach children proper brushing and healthy eating habits.


They also participate in campaigns like the Halloween Candy Buy Back program, which involves visiting schools, the local community, and asking her patients to invite children to trade in their Halloween candy for cash. This year was a huge success with roughly 150 pounds of candy collected. The candy and toothbrushes donated by Dr. Tran is then donated to Operation Gratitude, an organization that delivers care packages to our troops overseas.


"Participating in these events is very rewarding," says Dr. Tran. "The stories we hear from people when the kids donate their candy is touching, and even more so when they don't ask for any money during the buyback."


Not only does Dr. Tran's passion for her community build new relationships and trust among people, it creates camaraderie among her staff. Tran says, "It gives us a great reputation and brings in great patients. You already feel like you know them when they start as new patients."


Do you participate in your community and have a story to share with us? We'd love to highlight you in our next newsletter. Also, you should consider posting ways that you give back on your blog, social media, and on your website.


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