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Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dr. Debra Gray King’s office approached us in the early spring of 2016, attracted by our design portfolio and our reputation. After lengthy discussions, they decided they liked our marketing philosophy and our expertise, and agreed to let us re-vamp their website. While their website was one of the strongest cosmetic dentistry websites in the country, highly ranked in Google, and was generating lots of phone calls, we disagreed with its approach. We gave their online presence a complete makeover. Result? We doubled their website traffic and increased the phone calls by 60%.

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  • Custom Responsive Design
  • Smile Gallery
  • SEO
  • Custom Content
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  • Social Media
  • Maps SEO
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The new design was just launched in late September, 2016. In the four weeks after it was launched, calls from the website steadily increased each week, with 44% more calls the fourth week than what the average had been with the old website. Calls have continued to increase, and website traffic has doubled since we took over.
200% More traffic on the website
44% More calls after four weeks
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Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry