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Dental blogs are a powerful aid to search engine optimization when used properly. Our High Profile and Impact website packages all include a blog that is custom written for your dental practice.

Blogging allows visitors to your site to find content via a search bar, and by grouping similar articles together. Articles provide a number of benefits to a website, including helping SEO rankings, and gaining credibility on topics. By sharing blog posts on social media, and gaining back links, you can significantly increase the number of visitors to your website.

Suggested Content for a Dental Blog

Patient questions provide excellent material for a blog. Each question is a separate entry. The answers are then categorized so that people can browse by subject category, by date, or they can search. Here at Infinity Dental Web we have methods of collecting interesting questions from the public, which provide interesting springboards for generating helpful content.

It’s important that blog entries are interesting and informative. Some people have the misconception that your blog only needs to have periodic fresh content. That isn’t true,it matters a lot what you say. Some blogs we see have a lot of fluff or are filled with information that is commonly available on almost any dentist’s website. Entries like this don’t attract any attention and thus provide little help to the reputation of the website. Here at Infinity Dental Web we use web metrics to measure the popularity and drawing power of our blog postings. This helps us gauge what works and what doesn’t work.

Maintaining the Blog

Most dental offices have trouble maintaining their blogs and they can easily fall into disuse. One advantage we have, with our web content being managed by a dentist, is that we can take care of these entries for you. Not only does this get the job done, but we know how to search engine optimize your entries to help draw traffic both to your blog and to the main section of your website.

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