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Follow-up on eDoctorWeb review

Follow-up on eDoctorWeb review

Last Thursday, Doug Gilliatt, our Director of Client Services, reviewed the website of eDoctorWeb, a competitor of ours, in which he acknowledged their compliment to our marketing prowess by copying key marketing messages from our company home page. So today we pushed that out on Facebook and tagged them so that they got notice of  Read More

A Great Compliment from a Competitor, eDoctorWeb

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery We’re feeling pretty good right now. A competitor in the dental websites niche, eDoctorWeb, thinks that we have great stuff. We know this because they have copied key marketing messages from our company website. We discovered them this past week. This is better than a great online review.  Read More

Online reviews being represented as a game of chess

Significance of the Updated Google Reviews Guidelines

2017 was a tough year for Google and its review policies.   We saw an increase in spam reviews where fake negative reviews were being placed on businesses as well as crazy stories of how certain businesses were soliciting reviews in mass quantities.  Yelp has set a pretty decent bar for trustworthiness of reviews.  As complaints  Read More

pie chart showing that 35% of patients checked the practice Facebook page, Dec 2017-Mar 2018

More Patients Are Checking Your Facebook Page

A consistent trend in dental marketing on the internet over the last four or five years is the tendency of prospective patients to seek more information before asking for an appointment. It used to be that if you had a number one ranking in Google, you were practically assured of getting a lot of phone  Read More

Americans with Disabilities and Dental Websites

In 1990, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to protect people with disabilities from discrimination. Initially, the law was designed to address physical barriers. But, as is the case with many laws, expansive interpretations began to evolve, and courts are often only too willing to extend its impact. Today, many people believe the  Read More