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Man in suit signing dental marketing contract quote paperwork.

If This Isn’t In the Contract, Run

How To Ensure Your Dental Website Contract Covers You Too No contract. Music to your ears, right? If it’s Netflix, yes – you don’t want to be locked in to a year contract because after you’ve spent 3 weekends binge-watching anything good they had, you want out. Website contracts are different. You definitely want a  Read More

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Now It’s the Dentist’s Turn to Be Afraid

Top 5 Fears Dentists Have of Website Companies Dentists are smart people. Lots of school, lots of training, tons of practice dealing with fearful patients. So why is it that they can happily drill away in a bloody mess of a mouth but when it comes to dealing with web agencies, they find the nearest  Read More

Donald Currie DMD Google Knowledge Panel

Google Posts

When you Google your practice name and location, Google will display a panel on the right which they call their Knowledge Panel. Over the past year, Google has been adding features to this panel, in an attempt to make it a source of as much helpful information about your practice as they can. Here is  Read More

example of a well set up smile gallery for a dentist

Building an effective smile gallery

If you are going to try to use your website to attract patients who want smile makeovers, an online smile gallery is a must. Research shows that this is the first page prospective smile makeover patients will visit after they find the website. (See the landmark study by Sesame Communications, How Consumers Choose Cosmetic Dentists  Read More

Review Platforms

Customer Feedback and Review System Platforms

As a follow up to my article written about the new Google review guidelines, I wanted to speak a bit about the use of review-generating programs. Popular review software programs include: BirdEye, Lighthouse 360, GetFiveStars, Smile Reminder, and Podium. While no mention was made in Google’s new guidelines about these programs, they have raised many questions about  Read More