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Virtual Consult App

We have a new tool for our clients—the Infinity Dental Web virtual smile consultation app. Even before the coronavirus pandemic there have been large increases in virtual patient care. A report published by the American Medical Association over a year ago reported exponential increases in the use of telemedicine. The pandemic has vastly accelerated that  Read More

Search Engine Journal – Don’t You Know This?

So this morning we find an article by Roger Montti posted on Search Engine Journal, Why Google Shows Black Doctors in a Search for White Ones. This is a long, convoluted article that tries to dissect what supposedly went wrong with the search or the algorithm. “Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted an explanation of why it  Read More

A screen shot of search results from Google for "new york times racist history" showing the critical article ranked on page 4

A Prime Example of Google Manipulating Search Results

Last Saturday, the New York Post published a scathing opinion piece, “Why New York Times Praises ‘Cancel Culture’ but Skips over Its Own Racist History.” Author Michael Goodwin begins by reporting on a recent article in the Times criticizing Mount Rushmore and the American presidents memorialized there. The article stated, “each of these titans of American  Read More

Appointment Requests for the 5th Week of Re-Opening

Appointment Requests for the 5th Week of Re-Opening

Here’s the data for appointment requests for this past week, the 5th week after dental practices began re-opening. After being way above normal, this past week the number of appointment requests was right at the 2019 average (100%), so there has been more tapering off. Here is the chart: Almost all of our clients are  Read More

A bar graph showing the data in the blog post about the effect of COVID-19 on dental appointments

Appointment Requests Continue Strong in Week 11

Week 11 after the shutdown from COVID-19 pandemic is the fourth week of the return to seeing patients in many states. Last week showed a huge surge in appointment requests, which has tapered off somewhat this week but continues strong. Last week’s appointment requests were 143% of normal. This past week our data shows patient-initiated  Read More