In this blog, we at Infinity Dental Web share our expertise, our opinions, and our research about what is going on in the world of online marketing. We'll also add tidbits of company news. Feel free to comment. Whether you agree or disagree, we'd like to hear from you.

Image promoting Give Back a Smile Charitable Foundation with AACD and IDW

Our Partnership With the AACD Charitable Foundation Will Make You Smile

Infinity Dental Web has teamed up with AACD’s Charitable Foundation – Give Back A Smile. Starting this month through the end of June, we will donate $500 to the charity when any AACD member signs a contract as a new client with us. As a bonus, the client also receives a $500 discount on their  Read More

What Is Google Saying about Site Speed?

Many people are aware that an important aspect of website performance is site speed—how quickly it loads. At Infinity Dental Web, we have been paying a lot of attention to this aspect of our website designs. In a recent podcast released by Search Engine News they clarified the effect that site speed has. Does Site  Read More

Key Trends We’ve Discovered Through Our Market Research

At Infinity Dental Web, we spend time each week talking to patients who schedule appointments with our clients after visiting their websites. We learn valuable information from their feedback, and we use it to stay on top of our marketing strategies. We’ve been doing this research for a while now, and we’ve identified some key  Read More

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Website design is critical in attracting the right patients

Not long ago I was talking to a dentist who felt that his website design had little to do with its effectiveness in converting visitors into patients. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that some dentists feel that way. Even some business professionals are steeped in a logical approach to marketing. Roger Dooley, the author  Read More

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Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make

They teach you a lot in dental school but not a lot about marketing. Here are a few marketing mistakes dentists tend to make as they work on growing their practice. 1. Dentists Act Desperate Free x-ray with $29.99 new patient cleaning!!! Resist the temptation. Focus on attracting quality patients. The type of people attracted  Read More