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Website design is critical in attracting the right patients

Not long ago I was talking to a dentist who felt that his website design had little to do with its effectiveness in converting visitors into patients. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that some dentists feel that way. Even some business professionals are steeped in a logical approach to marketing. Roger Dooley, the author  Read More

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Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make

They teach you a lot in dental school but not a lot about marketing. Here are a few marketing mistakes dentists tend to make as they work on growing their practice. 1. Dentists Act Desperate Free x-ray with $29.99 new patient cleaning!!! Resist the temptation. Focus on attracting quality patients. The type of people attracted  Read More

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What is SEO Again?

Top 7 Terms to Know When Talking to Your Internet Marketing Agency When you work for a company that does websites for dentists – and you’re immersed in that world for 8 hours a day, you forget that there are people out there with other interests and different specialties—and they don’t know the internet marketing  Read More

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How to Train Front Office Staff to Convert Calls

Dr. Howard Farran of Dentaltown said he’d never want to own an internet marketing company for dentists. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how many new patients he’d bring you, if your front office staff can’t convert the calls to appointments, he’d get blamed for the bad results. Yup. Been there.  Dentist: “I’m getting no new  Read More

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Does Word Count Affect SEO?

About three years ago I wrote a post disagreeing with one of our competitors in search engine optimization who was telling prospective clients that the optimum length for a page to gain high rankings in Google was 500+ words. We see variations of this idea being promoted by various SEO companies. Just Google “long-form content”  Read More