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How to Market Expensive Dentistry on the Internet

At the AACD meeting in Orlando last month, our president, Dr. David Hall, participated in a panel discussion with three other dental website companies. He decided to focus on the principles involved in marketing expensive and smile-makeover dentistry on the internet. Here’s the video:

ADA Compliance Standards – How to Avoid a Lawsuit

In early 2018, we published a post on this blog about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and dental websites. In that post we explained that the Americans with Disabilities Act, enacted in 1990, was meant to apply to physical barriers only, but there were growing calls for it to be made applicable to websites.  Read More

hands holding a globe that says social media and has different social media icons on it. Text says What More Can I Do? Social Media and Your Marketing Plan

What More Can I Do? Social Media and Your Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan, noun: A marketing plan is an operational document that outlines an advertising strategy that an organization will implement to generate leads and reach its target market. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Not exactly. Did you know that social media is the biggest part of marketing plans that is ignored? Yep… ignored! As you’re gearing  Read More

hand holding a phone with a pie chart on it. Text that says "Call Tracker"

CallRail vs. Kall8

Call Tracking The reason we at Infinity Dental Web have for years recommended using call tracking software is that it helps you know how effective your website is. The way call tracking works is that it displays a unique phone number on your website, different from the actual number. The posted phone number forwards seamlessly  Read More

a line graph showing dramatic increases in the use of the search term "dentist near me" since 2012

Search Trends in 2020

I recently had an email exchange with a client who was concerned about his rankings. Since my response could be very helpful for any dentist wanting an up-to-date understanding of current search strategy, I thought I’d share the points I made to him. For privacy reasons, I will call his city Metropolis and will change  Read More