Animated Whiteboard Videos for Dentists

Animated Whiteboard Video

Unleash the Power of Video

We probably don’t need to tell you that Internet marketing is a very dynamic area, with a constantly changing landscape. Keeping up with all of these changes is what we do best. And one of the exciting new tools being used on the Internet is “animated whiteboard video.”

Watch to learn how whiteboard animation can help your dental website:

What Is Animated Whiteboard Video and Why Use It?

Animated whiteboard video is used to tell a creative story or provide a memorable message in combination with a narrator and a series of sketches drawn by an artist in real time. Creatively done with a good script, dentists can entice prospective patients to remain on the website longer while promoting services or explaining policies in an entertaining way.

As most of us know, when people visit websites they will decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not to stay on the site. This is why it is imperative to lure them in long enough to explore a website further. Our goal here at Infinity Dental Web is to provide prospective patients with a sense of comfort, trust and confidence in the dentist, but in order to do this there needs to be a way to keep them on the website, read the content, and call for an appointment. This is why video, if done right, is so powerful.

With animated whiteboard video, you can make your explanations of procedures or policies easy to understand and memorable. Here’s a list to get you thinking:

  • The advantages of a dental-implant-retained denture
  • Your artistic touch with porcelain veneers
  • Your interest in helping patients with dental fear
  • Various options for TMJ treatment
  • The importance of a dentist having extra training in order to effectively solve TMJ issues
  • Your policy of seeing dental emergencies immediately
  • The pros and cons of a dental implant versus a bridge
  • The advantages or disadvantages of mini implants
  • Various teeth whitening options
  • A CPAP versus a mandibular advancement appliance for treating sleep apnea
  • Botox and dermal filler services
  • Credit options that you make available for your patients
  • The convenience of sedation dentistry for extensive dental work
  • And many other topics

Take a look at an example of a well-written script created for Dr. Hal Stewart’s video. He is using animated whiteboard video to explain complex oral reconstruction by comparing it to the foundation of a home.

Other Reasons Why Video Is So Important

YouTube is the second largest search engine with more searches than Bing or Yahoo! Simply being found in YouTube can bring traffic to your website.

Besides that, a well-optimized video will appear in universal search listings in Google, often on the first page.

Google has been placing more and more emphasis on user experience to determine its rankings. High bounce rates will penalize your ranking. Animated whiteboard videos embedded on your website will help to engage visitors and reduce your bounce rate.

Videos aid in the conversion of the visitor into a patient. 80% of users will recall a video ad they watched in the past, and 46% will take action in response to the video.

Videos can easily be shared on, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Places for Business, Google+, and most importantly, your website. It can even GO VIRAL if your script is creative enough.

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